Day off in Caraz, Peru

Having spent over a month cycling in Peru, I reached the town of Caraz where I decided to take a break for a few days. Here's my blog post from the day.

Time Off in Caraz, Peru

Blog post written 13th August 2010

Looking over my bike touring equipment that needs sorting in Peru


A well earned day off from cycling, but oh, so much to do! My bicycle and equipment has taken a bit of a battering over these last 13 months, and over the last 2 months in particular.

Although I generally keep on top of the bicycle maintenance, and make sure its in good order, there was a lot that needed doing.

  • New brakes (again), cleaning  and to oil chain. The front right rack is looking dangerous, and my gel seat is falling apart.
  • Needed to buy a new cup, and pan. The teflon was coming off my old cooking pan, which probably isn't a healthy thing to consume.
  • Desperate need of a warm hat and warm socks.
  • Website tweaking.
  • General food supplies.

Not a huge to-do list, but it took up most of the day, and even then, I had only cleaned the front half of the bike. The rear wheel, cassette and chain cleaning was to carry on until the next day.

Walking around Caraz in Peru

Dinner was in the attached restaurant. Grossly more expensive than my usual 5 sole meals, but its hard to beat steak and chips, and I needed feeding up!

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