Day off in Palenque – Visiting the archaeological site of Palenque

During my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I took a day off to explore the archaeological site of Palenque. Here's a few photos of Palenque.

Palenque in Mexico

Exploring Palenque

Today was a day to take in the ancient site of Palenque. I had visited the ruins a few years ago, which you can read here – 10 ancient and weirdly mysterious places I have visited. 

There seemed to be more tourists here than last time, but little could detract from the beauty of the place. Rather than write a huge paragraph about it, I'll let the photos of Palenque do the talking.

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Photos of Palenque


The last few days have been quite spectacular in terms of landscape, friendship and culture – great stuff.

And so, from here, I need to cycle two days to the border with Guatemala, and then another two or three days until I reach Tikal. Until next time !! …..

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