Photos of Tikal in Guatemala – Archaeological Site

These Tikal photos and pictures will give you a taste of the archaeological site of Tikal in Guatemala. Enjoy these pictures of Tikal Guatemala!

Tikal pictures and photos

Visiting Tikal in Guatemala

During my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I stopped off to look at several archaeological sites. Tikal in Guatemala was certainly one of the most memorable!

This is my blog post, written March 4th 2010.

Pictures of Tikal Guatemala

Today, I visited Tikal for the second time in five years. Sometimes, its hard to believe how fortunate I am in the places that I have visited and seen. And the important thing to remember of course, is that anyone can do this !

As I have already written quite a bit about this archaeological site in Guatemala, I thought I would simply share a few photos of Tikal with you. These aren't the best quality unfortunately, as the camera I had for this bike tour wasn't great.

Photos of Tikal

Picture of Tikal in Guatemala

The great thing about Tikal, is that there are little temples tucked away off from the main tracks.
Photos of Tikal - The Star Wars scene
Remember this from Star Wars? One of the classic photos of Tikal
Recognise this view of Tikal from Star Wars anyone ??
wild turkey in Tikal
Wild Turkey in Tikal
It wasn't all about the ruins though. There was some interesting wildlife, including this colourful wild turkey.
wildlife in Tikal
And this inquisitive bird. Not sure of its name – Maybe someone can leave a comment if they can identify it !
 Tikal photos showing the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala
Some of the stairs looked in far worse condition than the temples they provided access too !!
Photos of Tikal - The Gran Plaza Tikal
One of my favourite photos of Tikal – The Gran Plaza
But the views were stunning.
landscape view of Tikal

I tried a landscape view of Tikal – Think it turned out ok !!



So, a nice relaxing few hours spent wandering around the ancient site and taking some photos of Tikal.

The pictures capture some of the things I had seen there, but its much harder to imagine the noise of the howler monkeys that were echoing around the surrounding jungle. It sounded a bit like a few dinosaurs had gotten loose from Jurassic Park !

Sitting on some of the temples was very peaceful indeed, and although it's is a major tourist centre, I never felt overwhelmed by other visitors.

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