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During my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I occasionally took a week or two off from pedalling. San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico was an ideal place.

San Cristobal in Mexico

An actual lay in ! Wonderful ! The pleasure !

When I eventually got up, I took a stroll down the road to find somewhere to eat for breakfast, and I think I struck gold first time.

An absolutely awesome breakfast for 40 pesos, and it will have me going back every day I am here !

Bike Shops in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

I spent a couple of hours searching for bicycle shops in San Cristobal, before finally finding Bicipartes.

Its not exactly overflowing with quality gear, but it’s the best bicycle shop in San Cristobal.

They had a half decent looking cassette which I bought, although they didn’t have a suitable chain (I carry two with me as spares anyhow).

I got the guy to fit his cassette and my chain, and in addition, fit me a new gear shifter.

Its not the most elegant piece of engineering, but it gets the job done! (Remains to be seen how long for though!).

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I also bought a gel seat cover for the bike, as my arse is actually bruised from sitting on the saddle. (I am considering adding photos, but don’t know how tasteful it would be… please leave a comment about it!). I wish I had brought a Brooks Saddle for this bike tour!

In the evening, I bought three beers as way of celebration, and had a hotdog whilst I decided which hamburger joint I should eat in. Decisions, decisions!

Day off in San Cristobal Mexico | Pan American Bike Touring Blog

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