Day off in San Gabriel – Bike Touring in Ecuador

A quiet day off the bike in the small border town of San Gabriel in Ecuador. Time to rest the legs and get over a dodgy stomach!

An art installation with bicycles San Gabriel in Ecuador


San Gabriel in Ecuador

Blog post written June 2nd 2010

After the mad rush and constant cycling to make the border the day before, I decided to take the day off today in order to rest the legs and prepare for the next section to Quito.

Probably a good job that I did, as my stomach was bad all morning – There is obviously a very good reason why some 2 course meals cost only one dollar fifty!

Breakfast Senior Briggs

I got a knock on my door at half nine telling me about breakfast. The problem was, that my boxer shorts were still drying from two days ago which meant that I wouldn't be wearing any kegs.

Going commando isn't normally a problem for me. In fact its quite liberating. Just that under the circumstances, I would have preferred the additional safety net if you get my meaning!

I bought some more medicine, and so hopefully will be able to hit the road tomorrow. After that it was just a quiet day at Hostal Gabrielita.

Check out my post on what to do when sick on a bike tour.

On a completely different note – Thank you very much Carmen for your kind donation !!!

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