Day off in San Miguel – Bike Touring in El Salvador

A day off the bike whilst cycling through El Salvador as part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. Here's what I got up to in San Miguel El Salvador.

San Miguel in El Salvador

San Miguel

Today was a day off to rest my legs, which hadn’t really recovered from the long day out of Lago Coatepeque. I didn’t intend to do a great deal… something that I succeeded in admirably! (Unless you count snoozing a lot).

That said, this entry needs some words, so I’ll write a few things here which I take for granted as I cycle through the countries of central america , and which I may not have written before.

Observations cycling in Central America

  • Water is often available in small 500 ml plastic pouches for 10 cents from street corner vendors selling them out of ice boxes or from shops.
  • Most cash rich businesses have an armed guard with shotgun.
  • A lot of people in the smaller villages in El Salvador carry a longer, thinner machete than they do in Mexico.
  • Sundays is a day for families to go to church and take a stroll. Most businesses in El Salvador either open a half day or not at all on Sundays.

Anyhow, mission accomplished with the day off, and it gave me a chance to plan the road ahead to the Nicaraguan town of Leon, which is my next two night stop.

Street in San Miguel El Salvador

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