Cycling from San Miguel to Santa Rosa de Lima in El Salvador

On this day of bike touring in central America, I cycled from San Miguel to Santa Rosa de Lima in El Salvador. Here's the blog post from the day.

An easy day's cycling

Blog post written: March 22, 2010

A really short day's cycling of under three hours to the town of Santa Rosa de Lima today. Although the road wasn’t flat, it wasn’t challenging either, so pretty easy stuff.

Along the way, an El Salvadorian who was selling hot food and drinks from his bicycle tried to race me – I trust he learned his lesson !

Racing a local when cycling in El Salvador

With just over 50 kms done, it was really a half day's cycling, but it positions me ideally to get across Honduras in two cycling days with one overnight sleep.

Checking my email, Sarah had sent a message saying that she too had stopped in San Miguel for two nights, and by the sounds of it, only a few blocks away.

It makes me wonder how many other cyclists are out there doing similar things, and how narrowly we may miss one another.

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