Cycling from an Esso Station to Pasto in Colombia 2010

Due to a mess up with my visa, I was cycling against the clock a little in Colombia on my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. Here's the blog post from the day.

Cycling in the mountains of Colombia

Blog post entry from May 29, 2010

Pasto in Colombia

By JorgelrmOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Today didn’t turn out as badly as I had feared. Sure, it had some tough sections of uphill, but the descent down into the town of Pasto more than made up for it.

I found a hotel in the centre, which at 30,000 was expensive, but had the added bonuses of WiFi and hot, yes HOT water ! A shower never felt so good!

It looks like I will make Ecuador before my visa here in Colombia runs out, although it is the national elections tomorrow, so who knows what craziness may occur!!

The shops are normally closed on a Sunday anyhow, and I get the feeling that restaurants may be as well, so I stocked up at the supermarket with three days of food… well, it’s a theoretical three days of food. Chances are I will eat it all tonight !!

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