Cycling from Finca Ixobel to Rio Dulce in Guatemala

Continuing my bike tour through Guatemala, I cycled from Finca Ixobel to Rio Dulce through the sometimes challenging highlands of Guatemala.

The rolling hills of the Guatemala highlands

Guatemala Highland Cycling

I left after a good breakfast, and continued on the road to Rio Dulce.

Guatemala is famous for its highlands, and although I don’t think I went above 1000 metres, the road was ‘lumpy’. (This is a new cycling term that I have invented for lots of ups and downs, and I expect to be using it more frequently when I cycle cross the Andes).

A horseman in Guatemala

Some of the views were great as I snaked between small villages with people on horse back, and chickens running every which way.

I noticed quite a lot of Pepsi signs today – Pepsi seems to be winning the battle of the corporate giants here in Guatemala !


Rio Dulce and Deja Vu

After 5 hours of cycling, and another 100 kms in the bag, I reached the town of Rio Dulce.

As I cycled in, I had the feeling I had been here before, and as I checked out a few hotels, I knew for sure that I had.

I had stayed at ‘Brunos’ before in a cell like room (Lonely Planet recommended). This is my travel blog from five years ago.

This time I stayed in a far nicer place with TV, hot water and clean room for much the same price.

Note – A few days ago I bough a Caliendore, or a heating element. This means I can now boil water in my saucepans in hotel rooms. Bring on the Pot Noodle !!

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