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Continuing my bike tour across Guatemala, today I cycled from Rio Ducle to Quirigua. Here's my blog from the road.

Leaving Rio Dulce

(Blog post written March 8 2010)

Rio Dulce in Guatemala
Rio Dulce

Apart from a hilly 10 km stretch within the first half of the day, todays 75 kms of cycling was fairly straight forwards and uneventful.

Traffic was a little heavier when I changed roads from the 13 to the 9, so it was on with the cycling headphones at that point.

I ended up in the small town of Quirigua, which is full of friendly people.

The room in Hotel Royal is impeccable for 75 quetzales a night.

The town did have one slight drawback though. The favourite hobby here seemed to be shouting very, very loudly and making as much noise as possible.

Which made it all the more amusing later on in the evening, when the owner of the hotel asked me to turn my TV down !!

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