Naxos Airport to Naxos Town

Most people will find it easier to take a taxi from Naxos Airport to Naxos Town unless their hotel offers a free pickup service. Other options include a bus, or arranging to collect a car rental at the airport.

how to get from naxos airport to naxos town

Arriving at Naxos Airport

If you are arriving at Naxos Airport after taking a flight from Athens in Greece, you are probably going to be in for a slight culture shock! Naxos Airport is tiny. It really looks like just a shed on the edge of a small airfield.

While there has been talk of expanding Naxos Airport for some years, it doesn’t seem on the cards any time soon. As a result, the services you will find on arrival at Naxos Airport are barebones minimal. There’s not even a bus stopping point within the airport itself!

Best Way To Get From Naxos Airport To Chora

Taking a taxi from Naxos island Airport to Naxos Town (sometimes referred to as Chora) is by far the easiest method of transport. There are normally a handful of taxis at Naxos Airport awaiting arriving planes.

Unlike airports in the Dodecanese islands of Greece, there is no set airport taxi rate on display at the airport on Naxos.

naxos airport taxis

When I chatted with a taxi driver in May 2024, he said that a ride from the airport into Naxos Chora would be 20 Euros. He also said that this price doesn’t change in the summer. It’s unlikely that taxis in Naxos would use a meter, so talking with the taxis driver about the price before you take the ride is advisable.

During the peak months of July and August there may be more demand for taxis than availability though. Some people might find it useful to pre-book a taxi from Naxos Airport. It does cost a lot more though, and can be as much as 53 Euros in August! It seems a bit outrageous for such a short trip in my opinion, but if you are traveling in a group of four, perhaps it wouldn’t feel so bad?

Buses from Naxos Airport to Naxos Town

As I mentioned, there’s no bus that runs directly into the airport. There is a bus stop on the road about 650 meters walk away from Naxos Airport.

In fact, there’s a bus stop on both sides of the road – one runs to Naxos Town, and the other runs down the coast to popular beach areas like Plaka.

The bus stop is just outside of upmarket (but rather oddly located) Naxos Finest Hotel & Villas.

Car Rental at Naxos Airport

While there are no car rental services at Naxos Airport, you can look at using Discover Cars to organize a car rental and ask to collect it at the airport.

Walking from Naxos Airport

I would strongly advise against you doing this. It would take 45 minutes to walk from Naxos Airport into the town, and there is no real pavement for most of the way.

It is flat, which is one good thing, but the summer heat of Naxos would make this an unpleasant walk. You’d wish you had taken a taxi!

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