Cycling from New Brighton to Veterans Memorial Park

Avoiding the interstate highway, I cycled from New Brighton to Veterans Memorial Park in one day as part of my bike ride from Alaska to Argentina.

Leaving New Brighton

Blog post written: October 22, 2009

It was a little misty in the morning, which isn’t usually a problem, but today I had to navigate over 30 miles of back lanes to avoid the interstate (motorway).

Obviously, my cause would have been aided by some sort of map, but we don’t want things too easy now, do we?

Stopping every few miles to get new directions, I found myself winding my way between farmland where it was strawberry picking time – The smell was just lovely!

I somehow found myself in Monterey, and then cycled up a most unwelcome hill into the Veterans Memorial County Park, which had a hiker/biker area.


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