Cycling from Point Montara Lighthouse to New Brighton

Cycling from the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel, I followed a complicated route to New Brighton, trying to avoid busy sections of Santa Cruz.

Leaving Point Montara Hostel

No one else turned up in my dorm at Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel last night, which was a bit of a result, as I got the room all to myself.

It was a big day of cycling over 70  miles, but there was a lovely tailwind giving me a push along the way.

It was also amazing how different the weather is being that little further south, as it was hot and sunny.

I somehow managed to navigate my way through Santa Cruz, using the backstreets, shadowing either the sea or the highway, and asking people along the way. Maps are just so Old School.

I arrived at New Brighton State Campground at about 16.00 with a nice sense of achievement for a job well done. I’ve also had a positive response from a Warmshowers host, and so in a few days time, I hope to stay there.


Point Pigeon Lighthouse

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