Paphos Excursions: The Best Paphos Day Trips And Tours

These are the top 10 Paphos excursions to take during your holiday in Cyprus. Includes hiking trips, cultural experiences and Paphos boat tours.

A look at some of the best Paphos excursions and day trip in Cyprus

Excursions from Paphos

Paphos is one of the most popular places to take a holiday in Cyprus. As both a summer and winter destination, there's plenty for people to see and do in Paphos.

There's no need to limit yourself to staying in just Paphos though. Take a day trip or two, and you'll see that there is much more to Cyprus than its beaches and swimming pools!

Paphos Day Trips

Visit a shipwreck- things to do in Paphos

Here's a look at the best excursions from Paphos in Cyprus. They include cultural, sightseeing, active tours and Paphos boat trips.

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Top 10 Paphos Excursions

Choose from any of these top 10 Paphos excursions, and get to experience more of Cyprus during your next vacation.

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Cyprus is a land of contrasts, and we've covered some of the best experiences in Paphos. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, there's something here to suit your mood and lifestyle.

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The best Paphos excursions and day trips in Cyprus

Day Trips From Paphos FAQ

Readers planning out which major attractions to see in and around Paphos often ask questions similar to:

How many days do you need in Paphos?

If you only want to see the highlights, then 3 days in Paphos is enough time. However, most people choose to base themselves in Paphos for the length of their holiday in Cyprus whether 7 days or 2 weeks. From there, they can take full or half day tours to see more of the island.

What can you do in Cyprus in 5 days?

It really depends what type of vacation you are after. You could hire a car and spend each night in a different place as you drive around Cyprus, or alternatively, base yourself in Paphos and take different day trips from Paphos to discover more of the surrounding area.

What is the best area to stay in Paphos?

Kato Paphos is the most beautiful part of Paphos, and it's also where you'll find the nicest accommodations. The harbour is at the center of this lower part of town, which is built beside the sea. It offers everything a visitor would want: hotels, fish restaurants, archaeological sites, and souvenir shops.

Is Paphos Lively?

People who take a holiday in Paphos are generally seeking for a more laid-back atmosphere, having left their clubbing days behind them. However, there is still a lot of enjoyment to be had, with several lively bars and clubs to provide a fantastic night out.

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