Taxi From Thessaloniki Airport To City Centre

The easiest way to get from Thessaloniki airport to the city centre is by taxi, and the journey takes just 30 minutes.

Driving in Thessaloniki

How to get from Thessaloniki Airport to Thessaloniki City Center

After you have landed at Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia Airport (SKG) and made your way through arrivals, you have two choices of getting to Thessaloniki city center – Take a taxi or take a bus.

In the off-season, taking the public bus can make sense as there won't be so many people traveling, but during the summer season, taking a taxi ride from Thessaloniki international airport into the city is the best way to go.

Taxis take approximately 30 minutes to get from the airport to central Thessaloniki, and a taxi fare is around 25 Euros during the day.

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Pre-Book Your Thessaloniki Airport Taxi

The easiest way to arrange your Thessaloniki airport transfer is to pre-book it online. This way, you won't waste any time on arrival, and instead will be able to get straight to your hotel or onward destination.

In these times of social distancing, it's also far better than standing so close to people on a crowded bus!

Whilst oftentimes, it can be more expensive to pre-book a taxi to meet you at a hotel, in this case it is not. By using the Welcome Taxi Service, you pay the same price as you would if getting a taxi from the regular airport queue.

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Thessaloniki Taxi Transfers

The benefits of pre-booking your Thessaloniki airport transfer by taxi, are that it is a massive time saver. Instead of wasting time on arrival trying to work out where the bus is, or queuing for a taxi, your driver will be waiting for you.

As such, it is simply a matter of spotting your driver (very easy at Thessaloniki arrivals!), and then heading straight to the car. It's particularly suitable if you've just arrived on a long flight, have heavy luggage, or simply appreciate the convenience.

Thessaloniki Airport to City Distance

The distance from Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport to the center of Thessaloniki is around 20kms. The journey by taxi takes about 30 minutes, with the bus being 10-20 minutes slower depending on stops.

Note: Buses run about every 40 mins, meaning if you just missed one, the total bus journey time can be upward of 70 minutes. Something to consider when planning your Thessaloniki airport transfer.

Thessaloniki Airport to City Taxi Cost

Unlike in Athens, there is not a flat rate set for airport taxis from Thessaloniki airport. However, the average price is around 25 Euros from Thessaloniki airport to center depending on final destination.

Note: There is an additional night time fee between midnight and five am which takes the price to around 35 Euro.

By pre-booking online, you will know the price upfront, and have no unpleasant surprises on arrival. There are no hidden fees, and there is also free cancellation (but check their policy for details).

Taxi from Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki Cost

One of the most popular destinations for people landing at Thessaloniki airport, is Halkidiki. It takes just over an hour by taxi from Thessaloniki airport to Halkidiki, and during the day costs around 80 euro.

The night taxi costs more at around 104 euro.

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Taking a Taxi from the Queue

Prefer to take a taxi from the queue into Thessaloniki rather than pre-booking one? Don't worry, it's very easy! As you exit the arrivals area, you'll see the line of taxis and people waiting for them.

Thessaloniki taxis can be easily spotted due to their being blue with white roofs.

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FAQ and Useful Tips

Here's some frequently asked questions along with travel tips which will help you plan your visit to Thessaloniki in more detail:

How much is a taxi from Thessaloniki airport to city Centre?

Prices for a taxi ride from Thessaloniki Airport to the city are 25 euro between 05:00 and midnight, with an increased nighttime fee of 35 euro between midnight to 05:00.

How do I get from Thessaloniki airport to the city?

The cheapest way to get to the city centre from Thessaloniki airport is to take a bus. The quickest way is to take a taxi. If you are planning on driving in Greece during your vacation, you can also rent a car at Thessaloniki airport.

How far is Thessaloniki airport from city center?

The distance from the airport to Thessaloniki city is just under 20kms.

When is the best time to visit Thessaloniki?

July, August, and September are the best months to go to Thessaloniki. Due to its more northerly location, winter in Thessaloniki (December, January, February) can be quite cold.

What currency do they use in Thessaloniki?

The currency used in Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece is the Euro. There are thousands of ATMs where you can withdraw cash, and you can now use your card for payment for purchases in any shop or restaurant.

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