Reece Gledhill – Cycling Around the World

Adventure cyclist Reece Gledhill set off from the UK earlier this year on his around the world cycle ride. It's a journey that I have been following with some interest, and one which I feel definitely deserves greater attention. So, I thought a brief Q and A session would help you all to get to know him, and hopefully follow his bicycle touring journey along with me.

Reece Gledhill cycling around the world

Reece Gledhill – Cycling Around the World

Q1. Why did you decide to cycle around the world?

While cycling around New Zealand for a month I passed a guy with a sign on his bike that said he was riding around the world. From then on it was stuck in my mind, but I never thought I could do it. So I decided to do it for a charity, giving me that extra motivation to get it done.

Q2. How did you decide upon the route?

I wanted to finish within a year to be back with my family for Christmas having missed the last 2. I also desperately wanted to visit Mongolia so decided to do a route around the northern hemisphere passing through Mongolia and meaning that I could complete within the one year limit.

Q3. How long do you think it will take you?

I have up to 11 months, having set off in February, but I expect it will take around 10 months

Q4. Which has been your favourite country so far and why?

Tajikistan. It has everything an adventure cyclist could want, great views, mountain passes, beautiful rivers and the most friendly and hospitable people I have ever met.

Q5. What is you most essential piece of bicycle touring gear?

Aside from a good solid adventure bike, probably my lightweight water filter. I am using the Sawyer mini filter and it means I don't have to buy huge amounts of bottled water.

This is a money saver but more importantly helps the environment. I am spending approximately 5 months of my trip in countries where the water is not drinkable. At an average of 7 litres per day that is around 950 bottles that I have not used.

Reece Gledhill bike by a river when cycling

Q6. How much on average are you spending a day?

My average spend is about 6 GBP (9 USD)

Q7. Any major problems so far?

A few minor problems with the gears made much worse by my lack of bicycle and mechanical knowledge, but nothing truly major.

Q8. I understand you are riding for charity causes. How can people help?

By visiting my website From there you can read about the two children's charities I am raising money for and there is a link to a virgin money giving page where you can donate to the charities if you wish.

Reece Gledhill is a great guy, and his adventures cycling around the world make great reading. Please visit his site and support him. Cheers!

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  1. Wow on the 9 USD Dave!

    No transportation costs though 😉 Kudos to him for that 10 month expected time frame. Epic, epic stuff.



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