Cycling from Sunset Bay to Humbug Mountain on the Pacific Coast Highway

A lot of this bike tour up until this point seemed to be wet and cold. It was no exception overnight again! Today I cycled from Sunset Bay to Humbug Mountain.

Leaving Sunset Bay

(Blog post written: Oct 6 2009)

It was really cold overnight, and it carried over into the morning, so my fingers became a bit numb as I packed my stuff away. It was another clear blue sky day though, so things soon warmed up.

I found the road easy going despite the occasional steep climb, although one cyclist obviously didn’t judging by what they had written on the road at the top of a climb.


Cycling from Sunset Bay to Humbug Mountain on the Pacific Coast Highway

A stop for lunch

I stopped off for lunch and to use the internet at the town of Bandon – has now had over 30,000 page impressions. WOW !! Many thanks to everyone who visits.

The top ten countries are – UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Iran, Portugal, Switzerland, India and Tanzania.

Iran and Tanzania came as a total surprise!!!!

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Tailwind to Humbug Mountain

Pushing on, there was a nice tailwind and stunning scenery all contributing to a great day. I reached Humbug Mountain state campground, and in the hiker/biker section, found that I had caught back up with both the Canadian and UK couples.

When the sun went down at night, the temperature stayed warm, something it hasn’t done these last few days. I hope it continues!

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