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Meeting other cyclists is a regular occurrence when cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway, and the bike ride between Honeyman State Campground and Sunset Bay was no different.

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(Blog post written October 5th 2009)

Cycling is much easier and smoother when bolts have been tightened, oil applied (to the bike not to me, you cheeky people) and air pumped into tyres. I’ll have to remember to do it more often!

Again, no rain through the night, and a clear blue sky day, with the added extra being that it was warm as well! So, it was time to leave Honeyman Campground and resume cycling along the PCH.

It seems a long time since I’ve been warmed by the sun. Most of my warmth of the last week or more has come from drinking coffee, cycling fast or snuggling down in my sleeping bag.

Going ever southward is a factor, but there also seems to be a warm dry spell for a few days which is unusual for the time of year.

Cycling to Sunset Bay Campground

The going was fast, and I seemed to have a lot more power today, which was due to a combination of upping the protein in my diet, having air in the tyres, and quite possibly a slight tailwind.

I stopped off at a coffee house for a drink, to use their WiFi and juice up the netbook before pushing on again. Tough stuff this cycling.

Along the road, I met Regina, who is a German cyclist who has cycled around the U.S. and is nearing the end of her trip. What makes her story unusual, is that she is in her sixties, and is also towing her little pet dog along.

People like this are awesomely inspiring, showing that age and in this case pets, are not an obstacle to bicycle touring. If I ever think I am having a hard day, I always remind myself of people like this so as to give myself a kick up the backside!! Her website is at

Meeting Regina the cyclist from Germany when cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway


I restocked some at a supermarket, and made Sunset Bay my camp for the night. The campsite had quite a lot of blackberries growing there, so I went picking, and I collected enough for three or four breakfasts to mix with oats. Mum would have had a field day there !

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