Cycling from that town I don´t know the name of to Rivas in Nicaragua

Today was my last full day of cycling in Nicaragua. I get to meet another cyclist, stay in a 5 dollar room, and enjoy a few headwinds!

Cycling into a headwind

Blog post written: March 29th 2010

The first couple of hours were really fast going, perhaps because it was gradually downhill and I was shielded from the wind.

The next two hours were a bit horrible though, cycling directly into the wind. None of the information I have mentions strong winds in this section, so I am not sure if it is a common thing or not.

Meeting another cyclist

Along the way, I met Davide, an Italian cyclist who has been on the American Continent for a year or two. He was travelling ultra light, and after we had a bit of a chat.

I have to say that I was very jealous as he sped off with ease. He has an interesting project going called check it out and see what you think. (Website since offline).

I made the town of Rivas in reasonable time given the circumstances with the weather, and although I had initially half a mind to stay here for this Santa Semena holiday period, there really wasn't much there to warrant it.

A very small room in Rivas Nicaragua

I took a room at Hospedeje Internacional which was just 5 dollars. Although I could sit on the bed, and touch all four walls with my outstretched arms, amazingly its not actually the smallest room I have ever stayed in. That honour goes to the hotel room in Syria.


In the hospedeje, they had this really cool looking bugsy bike. Definitely a bicycle made for two !

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