How to Change a Bicycle Inner Tube

If you have recently discovered that your bike has got a flat, this how to change a bicycle inner tube article will get you back on the road again in no time at all!


First of all, you need some tyre levers, failing that, a couple of small teaspoons will do.Take the wheel out of the frame.

1. Get the flat end of the tyre lever or spoon between the tyre and rim, making sure to get under the inside edge of the tyre.

2. Bend the tyre lever back towards the spokes.

3. Hook the tyre lever under a spoke, or hold the spoon there.

4. Move about 9 inches around the rim from the first tyre lever.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

6. Now get your fingers under the edge of the tyre to start to force it off..

7. Remove the tyre levers.

8. Use your fingers or a tyre lever to force the rest of the inner edge of the tyre off of the rim. Once it starts moving it should be easy. Then take off the tyre and inner tube.

9. Before inserting the new tube, run your fingers along the inside of the tyre and along the rim, feeling  for any rough or sharp spots. You don’t want another puncture now, do you!

10. Inflate the new  inner tube  with just a pump or maybe two, and place it in the tyre.  Put the valve through the valve hole on the rim and use your fingers to push on one side of the tyre. Try not to pinch the tube!.

11. Use your fingers to squeeze the tyre so that you are pulling the second edge of the tyre onto the rim. When you have some of the second edge on the rim, work your way round, squeezing to get more of the tyre on the rim. When you are almost all the way around, it may get hard to get the second edge of the tyre onto the rim. As more of the tyre gets on the rim, it will become hard work, so put some muscle into it!

12. Pump up your tyre and bounce it a couple of times from a couple of inches onto the floor. now put it back in the frame and pedal off!.

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