Bicycle Touring Gear: Toiletries

Here's a look at my bike touring toiletry bag, and what personal hygiene items I will take with me when bicycle touring in Iceland.

bike touring toiletries

Bike Touring Kit: Toiletry Bag

Toiletry – that's a great word isn't it! Well, it puts a smile on my face, in any case!

Whether on a long cycle trip or a short one, you'll want to take a long some personal hygiene items.

If you're an ultralight backpacker on an overnighter, it might just consist of a toothbrush. Cyclists on longer tours will want to take along more items to keep themselves clean on the road.

I pack different toiletries for bike touring depending on the tour I am about to make. Also, as a male (and one with no hair – great advantage!), I can be quite minimal in what I take.

The toiletry list for bicycle touring listed below is one I will take on my 2023 cycling trip around Iceland.

You should note that it doesn't include things such as a first aid kit or medications. These will be packed separately in another bag.

You can see all the cycling gear I am taking to Iceland here: Iceland Bike Touring Gear

bicycle touring toiletries

Dave's Bike Touring Toiletry Bag

  • Generic transparent plastic bag (think it's a makeup bag – not mine, honestly!)
  • Travel Towel by Mountain Warehouse (see my YouTube review)
  • Swiss Army Knife – Scissors to cut toenails and tweezers
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental Floss
  • Soap in plastic case (I use soap for shaving) + a small extra soap from some hotel I stayed at
  • 2 x disposable razors (1 razor normally lasts me 3 weeks)
  • Sudocrem (in case of chafing)

Additional note: I will be flying from Athens to Reykjavik with my bicycle, but will not be taking the toiletry bag with my hand luggage. That's why I have slightly bigger toothpaste and also the Swiss army knife which might not otherwise be allowed in carry on.

Instead, I will pack it with my regular luggage or in with the bicycle box.



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