Cycling from Joy to Fairbanks in Alaska: Bike touring in Alaska Day 9

Today was the final day of phase 1 of the bike tour through Alaska, and saw me cycle from Joy to Fairbanks. It had been challenging due to my knee, but mission accomplished! Cycling from Joy to Fairbanks (Blog post written: Thursday 30 July 2009) The shorter day yesterday, and the extra rest did my … Read more

Cycling in Alaska Day 7 – Riding from Five Mile to Elliot Highway

Continuing my cycling adventure in Alaska, today’s ride saw me cycling from Five Mile to somewhere on the Elliot Highway. Organising the bicycle trailer (Blog post written: Tuesday 28 July 2009) I sorted the setup up of my bike and trailer out during the night, the upshot of which, is that I can now peddle … Read more

Cycling in Alaska Day 6 – Cycling from Arctic Circle to Five Mile

It’s not every day you get your photo taken next to an Arctic Circle signpost! This blog post was updated when cycling in Alaska along the Haul Road. Photo in the Arctic Circle (Blog post written Monday 27 July 2009) It took a frustratingly long time to pack everything away in the morning because the … Read more

Cycling in Alaska Day 5 – Riding from Marion Creek to Arctic Circle

It was only today that I realised I had actually been cycling INSIDE the Arctic Circle for about a week. Day 5 of my cycling trip from Alaska to Argentina. Leaving Marion Campground (Blog post written: Sunday 26 July 2009) I said goodbye to Koko in them morning, and had my photo taken by him, … Read more