Cycling in Alaska Day 6 – Cycling from Arctic Circle to Five Mile

It's not every day you get your photo taken next to an Arctic Circle signpost! This blog post was updated when cycling in Alaska along the Haul Road.

Photo in the Arctic Circle

(Blog post written Monday 27 July 2009)

crossing the arctic circle
Crossing the Arctic Circle

It took a frustratingly long time to pack everything away in the morning because the mosquitoes were unbelievably dense in numbers.

The amount of bites I have is at least in the high thirties, and despite not shaving for over a week, they still go for my face! I hope the further south I go, the less of them there will be.

Cycling once more

When I eventually had my bike loaded, I decided to do the tourist thing and have my photo taken at Arctic Circle.

The only other person around was a one armed man, which whilst not amusing in itself, became amusing when he decided to take the photo in the most awkward way possible by almost wrapping his one remaining arm around his head.

Go on… admit it…. you're smiling a bit, and you feel like you shouldn't be.

Anyhow, back to the road. Another tough one towards the end, when fortunately I was revived when my Israeli friends drove past and gave me a big bag of fruit, which pulled me through to a camping area known as Five Mile.

I managed to locate a water source, and built a campfire. I like having the campfire, because it saves on fuel for the stove, and means I can eat at a slower pace throughout the night. It also means I get to drink more tea!

wild camping in Alaska
Wild Camping in Alaska


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