Cycling from Sanogasta to Villa Union along the Cuesta de Miranda in Argentina

Today's bike touring blog post was written when cycling from Sanogasta to Villa Union along the Cuesta de Miranda in Argentina.

Cuesta de Miranda – Ruta 40

Blog post written January 31st 2011 as part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina

I got up and away reasonably early, as I knew that there would be a lot of hill climbing today along the Cuesta de Miranda , and the sun had been terrifically hot the last few days out on the bike. I needn’t have worried though, as it turned out to be quite an over cast day.

There was, indeed, plenty of uphill work to be done though!

It was not actually that bad, and even when the road turned into a dirt one as the beginning of a section known as the Cuesta de Miranda I still made steady progress. The views were great, and reminded me a lot of cycling through those remote parts of Peru that I ventured through.

Cuesta de Miranda
Recent rains had made many of the cactus in the area start to flower ( or do they just flower anyhow every now and again??)

Cuesta de Miranda argentina

Cycling along the Cuesta de Miranda, there were plenty of spectacular views
Cuesta de Miranda
Cuesta de Miranda
Looking back down into the valley from the Cuesta de Miranda
The dirt road along the Cuesta de Miranda was in good condition

Eventually at the top, the views on the other side, so to speak, were not as great, but there was a fun downhill section instead to make up for it!

Once the dirt road turned to asphalt once more, another couple of hours cycling saw me into the town of Villa Union.

Someone had mentioned that the Resedencia Donia Gringa was a good place to stay, and at 30 pesos for a room, with free wifi, I think it represents the best value for money I have had here in Argentina.

I decided to take a couple of days off, both to rest the legs, and look into flights back,

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