Cycling from Abancay to Curahuasi in Peru

This blog post is from the section I cycled in a day from Abancay to Curahuasi in Peru. Part of my longer bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Bikepacking Abancay to Curahuasi in Peru

A tough day cycling in Peru

Blog post written September 11th 2010. Note: I was cycling this section of Peru with a Spanish cyclist I'd met on the road a few weeks earlier.

I found today one of the toughest I have cycled in a while, which is strange, because the road was sealed, and the gradients were certainly no worse than others I have cycled. I just seemed to lack energy.

Cycling sealed roads in Peru

Well, when I say that, I had enough energy to turn the pedals, but I normally get a buzz out of cycling, and have a more positive state of mind.

Mountain views in peru

Today just seemed like a bit of a drag really, although I suppose cycling 1600 metres uphill over 36 km will do that to you.

Bike tour Peru

Fortunately, when I reached the top, I was rewarded with magnificent views of snow capped mountains which lifted the spirits.


The 40 km downhill ride into Curahuasi was a pleasure! Agusti and I settled on a hostal where a shared room cost us 15 soles a night each. Lovely hot water, and a great clean room.

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