Spending New Year in Salta Argentina 2010

In 2010 I spent Christmas in Salta Argentina, and then also celebrated the 2011 New Year there. Here's my blog post from New Year in Salta, Argentina.

Christmas and New Year Update

Blog post written January 2nd 2011

So, this little blog update covers from between Christmas and the New Year in Salta. Again, I spent some time working, although there was not a great deal of it, due to the time of year. It did give me a chance to do other things, such as phone home and download and watch a lot of movies. The internet is a real bonus when it comes to doing things like that!

During my time here, I became friendly with an Israeli couple, and so ended up being invited out to the house of a girl they had met on the bus coming into Salta for New Year's Eve.

Nancy and sone New Year's Eve Salta, Argentina 2010


This was a really fun night! Nancy and her son Natcho (maybe spelled wrongly… apologies!) were super friendly, and great hosts!

We had a meal and a lot to drink!. Come midnight, we then went up to the roof of the apartment building to let of fireworks. A shame that it was raining heavily, but good fun all the same!

Dave Briggs spending New Year's Eve in Salta, Argentina 2010


Back to the flat for more drinks, and then come 03.00 in the morning, it was time to hit a club!

In tow, was a seventy year old aunt. Now somehow, I have difficulty imagining a seventy year old aunt in the UK going out to a club at three in the morning, but there we go!

Many more drinks were had, and by the time we got back to the hostel, it was nearly six thirty in the morning. Definitely one of the better and more memorable New Years Eve celebrations!

Dave Briggs in Salta, Argentina for New Year's Eve 2010


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