Cycling from La Vina to Cafayate in Argentina

During this day of my bike tour across Argentina, I cycled from La Vina to Cafayate. Part of my 18 month Alaska to Argentina bicycle tour.

Cycling to Cafayate in Argentina

Cycling from La Vina

Blog post written January 21 2011

Quite a nice night’s sleep behind the petrol station in La Vina. I had a coffee there, and ate some facturas that had been sitting in my bag.

(A factura is quite a common feature for breakfast in this part of Argentina. It’s basically a very sweet cake/croissant thing. Very nice too! I had 120 km of cycling to Cafayate to do, so I knew it might be a tough one.

Things started off ok though, and I made good time for the start. The road was gently rolling, and I stopped every hour and a half or so for food and to read my book. (Ender's Game – a science fiction classic!)

landscape near Cafayate in Argentina

Cycling the road to Cafayate

Things did get a little more difficult though, as the road started to head uphill a lot more. That said, the scenery picked up as well, and I was soon cycling through a landscape with amazing rock formations on either side, as I headed uphill through a valley.

rock formations near Cafayate in Argentina



At one stop, I got talking to an Argentinean guy who made his living selling ceramics by the side of the road, and a little later, I met 2 German cyclists coming in the opposite direction. They had left Cafayate that morning, but had somehow only managed to do 24 kms in about 5 hours. Talk about taking it slow!

eroded rocks near cafayate

I got into Cafayate at about seven, and I have to say that it was absolutely heaving with people. This vacation period is certainly busy, and the three campgrounds at the far end of town were stuffed with tents. I managed to find a spot and set up. Dinner of pizza yet again!

river near cafayate

Checking emails, some more work had come through. I was going to take a day off here in any case, but seems I may be doing a little typing now as well!

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