Gardens by the Bay Light Show in Singapore – Supertrees from Avatar!

The Gardens by the Bay Light Show is a must see for anyone visiting Singapore. Here's all you need to know about seeing the Gardens by the Bay Light Show in Singapore.

The Gardens by the Bay Lights Show in Singapore

Highlights of Singapore

If you've read up a little about the Gardens by the Bay Lights Show in Singapore, but never seen it for yourself, you may be forgiven for thinking it's a little corny. And I suppose it is, a little.

Whatever you do though, don't decide on giving it a miss. The Gardens by the Bay Light show really is a highlight of visiting Singapore, and seems to sum up this small, quasi-futuristic country perfectly. It's like being on the set of Avatar!

Gardens by the Bay Light Show Times

There are two Gardens by the Bay evening light shows per day. The first supertree light show starts at 19.45 and the second one is followed an hour later at 20.45 every day. 


How to watch the light show in Singapore for free

The Gardens by the Bay Light Show is free to view for anyone in the park (and probably outside too!). You will see people start to gather on the grass area in front of the supertrees as the sun begins to set, and the lights of the trees go on.

You don't need any tickets in order to watch the Gardens by the Bay show by itself. However, if you want to see other parts of the Gardens, some areas do have entrance fees such as the domes.

Exploring the Gardens by the Bay

The majority of the park is freely accessible. There are only two blocks you need to pay for, and these are an entrance fee to the two domes at the Gardens by the Bay, and the Supertrees Walkway.

During the 2018 festive season, they also offered a ‘Christmas Bundle'. This is designed for fun activities and a complete tour of the garden including their new presentation called the Christmas Wonderland 2018. The cost of the ticket starts from $14 during Christmas.

Additional costs: A standard scheme provides access to the massive domes which are the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest in the Bay South garden. The cost per ticket is $10 for children and $15 for adults.

We paid to go into the domes, and I thought it was certainly worth it. The scale of these places was incredibly impressive!

Find out more at the Gardens by the Bay website.

Gardens by the Bay Opening Hours

The visiting hours of the gardens themselves vary for different days of the week.

From Sundays to Thursdays the entry starts from 10 am and the maximum exit time is 1 am. On Fridays and Thursdays, the entry time remains the same but the exit time is extended by 1 hour to 2 am.

Note: The domes may close much earlier than the Garden's closing time.

Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay

The Giant Supertrees at the recreational area are perhaps the site's greatest and most popular attraction, and the site of the Gardens By The Bay light show extravaganza.

These 12 structures are tree-like constructions made out of steel, but which have all types of plants and flowers grown upon them, making them vertical gardens.

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The Supertree Grove is home to a multitude of exotic and unique ferns, orchids, vines, and other plant-life.

The environmental technologies they carry mimic the ecological functions of natural settings such as sunlight absorption for power provision, water collection for the purposes of irrigation and fountain operations, and the intake of and expelling of air to provide air conditioning in the gardens.

The unlit supertrees in the Bay Gardens in Singapore look almost sinister, especially on a cloudy day!

During a cloudy day, the super trees look almost sinister! Of course, it is at night when they are in their full glory. Lit up from the lights within, and truly spectacular!

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Gardens by the Bay Supertree Walkway

Walking along the supertree walkway in the Singapore Bay Gardens

The elevated walkway that runs among the Supertrees is a must-see for anyone visiting the gardens for the panoramic view it affords visitors of the entire span of the area. You can access the Supertree Walkway (extra fee) from between 09.00 and 21.00.

Having visited, I would say that it really only makes sense to use the walkway just after the sun sets. We managed to time our use of the walkway perfectly.

After sunset, the lights of the super trees came on, and we were literally walking among the lights with incredible views over Singapore at night.

We finished our time on the Supertrees walkway with 15 minutes to go before the first light show, and then found ourselves a good position in the gardens from which to watch it.

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Supertrees Sound and Light Show in Singapore

The light and sound show is the major attraction in the city. There are gigantic trees made of steel that reach a height of 25-50 meters and are fused with a countless number of mini-lights which comes to life when the sun sets.

The lights blink in sync with the music and create a trance-like environment with visitors staring at those huge blinking structures in awe.

There is a cone-shaped structure on top of every supertree which has vibrant colors. The most astonishing fact is that the super trees are environment-friendly and store electrical energy through solar panels which power the millions of lights throughout the massive gardens.

Gardens by the Bay Lightshow

Waiting for the Gardens by the Bay light and sound show to begin in Singapore

The Singapore Gardens by the Bay light show lasts for about 15 minutes. The best place to watch it, is from a grassed lawn area area just in front of them. You will see people begin to gather up to half an hour before.

Handy tip – You might want to take something to sit on such as a sarong or sheet. I'm pretty sure I saw some people having a picnic in front of the supertrees!

How To Get To Gardens by the Bay

Located in 18 Marina Gardens, Dr, the place is easily accessible by bus, trains, and cars. You can make use of the Downtown Line or the East-West Line to reach the nearest MRT station from which it is walkable to the gardens. 

Video of Gardens by the Bay Light show

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Check out my short video of the light show at Gardens by the Bay below. As I visited Singapore in November, the music is Christmas themed!

2023 Garden Rhapsody Calendar

Here is the calendar of events you can experience as the spectacular supertrees illuminate the the night in the magical garden of Singapore:

Journey through Asia

(1 – 31 Mar 2023)

Take a journey with us through Asia and allow yourself to be enchanted by the vibrant soundscapes that encompass this part of the world. As you witness the Supertrees illuminate your imagination, keep an eye out for talented local artists!

Enchanted Woods

(1 – 21 Apr 2023)

Take a journey into the unknown and explore an alluring tree that will introduce you to whimsical creatures, mysterious monsters and untold wonders. Embark on this magical voyage with us today!

Songs of Singapore

(22 – 30 Apr 2023)

Step into a musical wonderland as we proudly present our talented homegrown musicians with an ethnic twist on the Garden Rhapsody — Songs of Singapore. Experience mesmerizing light displays while enjoying covers of beloved Singapore songs, crafted and performed by Aisyah Aziz, Joanna Dong, Linying and Rani Singam with traditional instruments such as Kompang, Sitar, Bansuri and more! Don't miss this fresh take on classic tunes from our nation – it's absolutely unforgettable.

Opera in the Gardens

(1 – 3 May, 8 – 31 May 2023)

Experience a romantic evening beneath the glimmering Supertrees and stars. As you are serenaded by timeless melodious selections from the Romantic era of Opera, the dream-like lights will captivate you at Opera in The Gardens.

Garden Rhapsody: STAR WARS Edition

(4 – 7 May 2023)

Embark on a journey of music and light accompanied by the grandiose STAR WARS soundtrack. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Garden Rhapsody: STAR WARS Edition!

World of Fantasy

(1 – 30 Jun 2023)

Step into a wondrous garden and reconnect with your inner child! Enjoy enchanting musical renditions of tracks from films like The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio performed by local artists Benjamin & Narelle Kheng, as well as Caitanya Tan. Explore different realms of make-believe such as Wizardry, Magic, Cosmic Space, Oceanic Depths Adventure, and Dinosaurs through this whimsical edition of Garden Rhapsody!

An Evening of Musical Theatre

(1 – 31 Jul 2023)

Enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of musical hits like The Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables, and Chicago. Your favorite local artists will be performing classics like ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’while the night sky is illuminated with spectacular Supertrees!

Songs of Singapore

(1 – 31 Aug 2023)

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to celebrate National Day with a Garden Rhapsody — Songs of Singapore! We proudly present the incredible talent of local musicians like Aisyah Aziz, Joanna Dong, Linying and Rani Singam as they bring these classic Singaporean tunes to life with their remarkable re-interpretations. Plus, witness our amazing light show designed specifically for these songs – an experience that you'll treasure forever!

Tales of the Moon

(1 Sep – 1 Oct 2023)

Escape into the mesmerizing display of twinkling lights from the Supertrees and captivating soundtracks amidst a tranquil moonlit sky. Allow us to guide you through an experience like no other, steeped in stories of magical dreams and heartfelt recollections about our beloved moon.

Retro Fever

(2 – 31 Oct 2023)

Step into the past and experience a unique blast from the past at Garden Rhapsody. Be mesmerized by an explosion of multi-hued disco lights, groovy tunes, and dazzling visuals that will take you back to 1970s disco halls. Get ready for a night full of Retro Fever!

Enchanted Woods

(1 – 11 Nov, 20 – 30 Nov 2023)

Come explore with us and uncover a captivating tree that will take you on a wondrous journey, teeming with mythical creatures and enchanting beings.

Songs of Singapore

(12 – 19 Nov 2023)

Don't miss out on this chance to discover local talent with the captivating Garden Rhapsody — Songs of Singapore! This edition is made even more enthralling by traditional instruments like Kompang, Sitar, Bansuri and many more. Enjoy a mesmerizing spectacle of lights set to beautiful covers of iconic Singaporean songs created and performed by amazing artists Aisyah Aziz, Joanna Dong, Linying and Rani Singam. It's a brand-new take on classic tunes that you won't want to miss!

The Christmas Special

(1 Dec 2023 – 1 Jan 2024)

Get into the spirit of giving this season with The Christmas Special! This festive edition features Supertree lights performing to beloved holiday classics and excerpts sung by local talent. Let yourself be enveloped in joyous cheer as you experience a jubilant musical treat!

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