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Planning a trip to Athens and want to find out more about ancient Greece and the modern city? These personally selected Athens tours will help you discover more about Athens and Greek culture.

Monastiraki Square in Athens - Athens in focus

Athens Day Tours

One of the best things to do in Athens is take a tour. By choosing Athens tours that match your personal interests, you can take your experience in Greece to a deeper level.

With group and private Athens tours available, there is something for every budget. 

Additional note – These tours are limited to Athens and the immediate surrounding area. If you are looking for day tours from Athens to other parts of Greece, take a look at this article about the best day trips from Athens.

Activities in Athens

All you need to know about the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens

There are many types of tours and activities in Athens to choose from. Whether you prefer a food tour in Athens, city sightseeing tour, walking tours, or cycling activities in Athens you’re literally spoilt for choice.

I’ve listed a wide selection of Athens tours on this page. You are able to book each one online using my trusted partner Get Your Guide.

Acropolis Tours in Athens

Acropolis guided tours in Athens are a great way to both see and understand the glories of Ancient Athens

For first time visitors to Athens, the Acropolis is a must see. Dominating the landscape of central Athens, it has stood through the centuries as the world has moved on around. It is by far the most well known of the historical sites in Athens.

Whilst it is perfectly possible to visit the Acropolis Hill by yourself, an Acropolis tour gives a deeper insight into the buildings and their history. There are a number of different tours of the Acropolis available, such as private tours, or combination tours of the Acropolis and New Acropolis Museum.

I've listed some of the most popular Athens tours of the Acropolis Unesco World Heritage Site below. Keep in mind that each one is priced differently due to tour length, whether it is a group tour or private, and other factors.

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The Acropolis Guided Tour with optional Skip-the-Line Ticket

This is the most popular guided tour of the Acropolis, and also the most affordable. You will meet the guide at a designated point at the Acropolis for a 1.5 hour group tour.

It's important to note that tickets are not included in this tour. You might also want to remain in the archaeological site after the tour is over in order to better enjoy the views and perhaps get photos from the best viewpoints you will have identified. This tour is suitable for solo travellers and couples.

Find out more here – The Acropolis Guided Tour with optional Skip-the-Line Ticket

If you want a skip the line ticket, check out this post: Skip the Line Acropolis and Acropolis Museum Tickets

Athens, the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum 5-Hour Tour

This 5 hour tour offers incredible value for money, and receives consistently high ratings. A guide will take you on a walk of the historic centre of Athens, pointing out the main historical sites along the way. Including stops at Syntagma Square, the Changing of the Guard, Zappion, Arch of Hadrian, Plaka and finally the Acropolis.

For people with only limited time in Athens, this 5 hour tour really is ideal as you get to see all the main highlights.

Find out more here – Athens, the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum 5-Hour Tour

Private Guided Tour of the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum

This is a good option for families looking for a tour of the Acropolis. Quite often, kids can get lost in the crowd on a big group tour. During a private tour of the Acropolis though, guides tend to make sure that everyone gets involved and has fun. It's also a good way to ask questions about Greece, and get to know a local.

Find out more here – Private Guided Tour of the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum.

Sightseeing Tours in Athens

Go city sightseeing Athens with the hop on hop off bus

Athens is quite an easy city to get around, and most of the main places of interest are within easy reach of one another. There are some city sightseeing Athens tours though which involved the Athens Hop on Hop Off buses.

These are normally aimed at people who may be arriving in Piraeus port on a cruise ship, and only have a day to spend in Athens. There are different types of Hop On Hop Off Athens tickets available, so you'll have to compare the three options below to see what works best for you.

Athens Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Piraeus & Beach Riviera Line

This Athens city sightseeing bus is ideal for people arriving at Piraeus port in Athens. Once you've bought the tickets, you can easily get to the main places of interest. Stay on the bus and complete the route taking photos from afar, or hop off at the destinations that interest you the most.

You'll want to check that the hop on hop off bus has a route that is suitable for your itinerary and desires. A great bonus is the audio guide on board, explaining the areas you pass through.

Find out more here – Athens Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Piraeus & Beach Riviera Line.

Athens, Piraeus & Riviera & Beaches Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Pretty much the same as the above listed Athens Hop on Hop off bus, but a different company. I'd recommend comparing the two to see which one you think is best.

Find out more here – Athens, Piraeus & Riviera & Beaches Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Athens Mythology Highlights Tour

The Temple of Zeus in Athens, Greece

If you want to combine your trip to Athens with a passion for Greek mythology, then this tour is for you! You'll discover some of the many myths that are connected with Athens, including of course the myth of how Athens was named at the very spot it was said to have happened!

This is a great way to combine a tour of the historic centre of Athens with learning a little more about Greek Mythology. It also includes a fun map of ancient Athens!

Find out more here – Athens Mythology Highlights Tour.

Bike Tours in Athens

The Stanforth Skyelander classic touring bike in front of the Acropolis in Athens

If you're a regular visitor to the blog, you'll know I love bike touring, so I had to include the bike tours in Athens here! Although cycling infrastructure in Athens is beyond poor for commuters, it's actually pretty good for sightseeing.

Large parts of the historic centre of Athens are car free, and there's even a new shiny cycling path leading from Technopolis in Athens down to the coast!

Athens Sunset Bike Tour

This is a great way to see the historic city centre of Athens. Your tour leader will take you on a well planned route to see the main attractions in Athens. With numerous photo breaks and panoramic views, you'll see hidden neighbourhoods and the city from a unique angle.

Find out more here – Athens Sunset Bike Tour.

Athens After Sunset 2-Hour Highlights Tour by E-Bike

A similar bike tour in Athens to the one mentioned above, but this time on e-Bikes! The electrically assisted bicycles make easy work of some of the hills in Athens, leaving you to enjoy the ride. This is a great way for people of all fitness levels to discover Athens on two wheel.

Find out more here – Athens After Sunset 2-Hour Highlights Tour by E-Bike.

Athens 3.5-Hour Morning Bike Tour

This 3.5 hour bike tour of Athens covers about 9 kms at a relaxed, easy pace. Along the way, your tour guide will point out places of interest, and make stops at places with great views so you get the best photos. 

Although you won't enter any archaeological sites on this Athens bike tour, you will have time to take photos outside of some famous monuments.

I think this bicycle tour of Athens is a great way to orientate yourself to the city on day one. You can then explore the places that interest you most at your leisure in the afternoon and following day.

Find out more – Athens 3.5-Hour Morning Bike Tour.

Vanessa on a bike tour of Athens Greece

Athens Food Tours

Athens market is a great place to see colourful and fresh fruit and veg

Greece has one of the world's best cuisines, and an Athens food tour gives you the chance to find out more about it.

Taste fresh produce, traditional snacks, and explore the bustling Athens central market with local foodies. They are a great way to explore some authentic neighborhoods in Athens.

Original Gourmet Food Tour of Athens

This four hour food tour of Athens will see you enjoy a Greek breakfast, visit food markets and specialist food stores, and taste local delicacies.

Not only will you have tasted some delicious Greek food, but you'll also have seen another side to Athens. Warning – You may not need to eat for the rest of the day after this Athens food tour!

Find out more – Original Gourmet Food Tour of Athens.

Interested in a private tour of Athens? Take a look here: Athens Private Tours.

FAQ About Sightseeing Tours Around Athens

Readers planning on visiting Athens with the intention of seeing the ancient sites and other key attractions often ask questions similar to:

How many days in Athens is enough?

The question, ‘How many days should I stay in Athens?' is frequently asked. The answer? It's a personal decision, but most people feel that two days in Athens is sufficient to see the major sights. You'll undoubtedly want to return to this lovely Greek capital city, but as a taste, two days is an excellent option.

Is Athens a walkable city?

Athens is a very walkable city with an easy-to-navigate historic center. A long pedestrianized promenade loops around the Acropolis and connects important archaeological sights. Public transportation is inexpensive if you do need to use it, and a good metro system links the neighborhoods.

What is the best way to see Athens?

You can explore Athens at your own pace by visiting ancient ruins like the Acropolis and Temple of Olympian Zeus on your own itinerary. Alternatively, you can take an organized walking tour with a guide to give you a deeper insight into Athens.

How much does it cost to tour the Parthenon?

The Single Entry Fee to the Acropolis of Athens is: 20 Euro (1/4 – 31/10) or 10 Euro (1/11 – 31/3).

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