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Any day that starts with seeing turtles on the beach is a good one! Here's my blog from cycling Playa Ostional to Samara in Costa Rica.

Turtles on the Beach at Playa Ostional

Blog post written: April 8th 2010

As it happened, it was good that I stayed the extra day, as in the morning, the campsite owner said that some turtles were on the beach.

Turtles on the Beach at Playa Ostional

This section of beach is famous for turtles coming ashore to lay eggs, but this was out of season by several months.

Turtles on the Beach at Playa Ostional in Costa Rica
I have to say i felt a bit sorry for the turtles, because as well as myself and a couple of others taking photos, there were barking dogs, vultures, and a village load of people waiting to dig up the eggs.
Turtles on the Beach at Playa Ostional, Costa Rica

 The area is supposed to be monitored for conservation , but with the amount of empty bags waiting to be filled, I will be surprised if there will be many more generations of turtles.

Back on the road, it was dirt all the way to Samara, although thankfully not as demanding as the previous section, although this river crossing was fun !

A river ford in Costa Rica

In Samara, I found a nice camping place for 4 dollars a night which had a wonderfully cold shower. Just what was needed after a hot day cycling in Costa Rica !!

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