Things to do in Barcelona in December

There's plenty of things to do in Barcelona in December if you're planning a winter city break to this beautiful Spanish city.

A guide to visiting Barcelona in Spain in winter

Of course, visiting Barcelona in December might not be everyone's first choice of month to see the city, but hear me out!

Everything is still open, there are plenty of things to do in Barcelona, and far fewer tourists. Here's my guide on things to do in Barcelona in December.

Reasons To Visit Barcelona In December

Whether you are considering a city break, weekend away, or simply want to enjoy all that Barcelona has to offer, December is a good choice of month to visit.

Here's just a few of the reasons and places to visit in Barcelona in December.

1. There are fewer tourists in Barcelona in winter

In my opinion, one of the main reasons to visit Barcelona in December, is that there are far fewer tourists at that time of year. It makes seeing the sites, such as the Casa Batlló a lot easier and more relaxing.

The Gaudi Casa Batlló is one of the reasons to visit Barcelona in December

In true Dave style, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this magnificent Gaudi masterpiece, one of the most famous landmarks in Europe, from across the road in the outdoor seated area of McDonald's!

2. December Hotel Deals in Barcelona

Barcelona is a happening place, but things do quieten down on the tourism front during the winter months. As such, December is a great time of year to pick up hotel deals in Barcelona.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:


3. Christmas Markets in Barcelona

You might normally associate Christmas markets with Northern European countries. In Barcelona in December though, a very nice Christmas Market is set up opposite Barcelona Cathedral.

The Christmas Market in Barcelona opposite the Cathedral

It had a nice festive feel, without feeling too commercial or in your face.

So, if you want to pick up some unique items for Christmas gifts, this is another of the reasons why visiting Barcelona in December might appeal.

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4. The Boqueria Food Market

Talking of markets, The Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona is obviously a ‘must-see' at any time of year, but particularly in the winter months.

It is much quieter, and also seems to me to look a lot cooler at night in the winter. I loved the little Christmas tree outside!

The Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona

5. Walking La Rambla

Whatever your reasons for visiting Barcelona in December,  you have to take a stroll along La Rambla (Las Ramblas).

During the quieter winter months, the cafes may not be so full, but it is a lot easier to walk without the crowds! The side streets are also worth spending time wandering around.

The Gothic quarter in particular is worthy of exploration, and the houses there are very different to the design of other houses in Spain, especially those in the south, such as the Andalusian buildings in Seville.

Walking on La Rambla in Barcelona

6. Interesting Art Installations

I think Barcelona is the sort of city where there is always something going on. By just walking around, you will easily find something artistic, weird, or quirky.

During my time spent in Barcelona in December, I found all three combined into one! This art installation in a main square looked just like giant ‘snow-domes'. Inside, were various interpretations of Christmas Scenes.

An interesting art installation in Barcelona in December 2016

7. Christmas Lights

And finally, one of the best reasons to visit Barcelona in December is the winter lights! Taking a walk near the Casa Mila is amazing at night, with everywhere lit up.

Casa Mila in Barcelona

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a European city to visit in the winter months, you should definitely consider Barcelona. In addition to its extensive sights and attractions, it feels more relaxed and chilled out at that time of year.

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Reasons to visit Barcelona in December. If you want to see this beautiful Spanish city without the tourist crowds, December is a great month to visit!

What to do in Barcelona in December FAQ

Not sure if you want to go to Barcelona during the Christmas season or New Year's Eve? These most commonly asked questions might help you decide if it is worth visiting Barcelona during December:

Is December a good time to visit Barcelona?

December is a great time to visit Barcelona to see a different side to this historic city. The milder Barcelona weather in December means you won't see much rain, and daytime temperatures are around 15 degrees so it's far easier to walk around and enjoy this fascinating city which will be adorned with Christmas decorations.

Is it warm in Barcelona in December?

Daytime temperatures of 15 degrees, and night time temperatures of 9 degrees make a December Barcelona trip a good idea for people wanting to escape the gloom of December in the UK!

Is it cold in Barcelona in December?

It is always a good idea to pack warm clothes when visiting Barcelona during the winter, but you may get away with just a light jacket visiting the Barcelona attractions in December.

Is Barcelona good at Christmas?

While Barcelona might not have the snow that more northern countries have during the winter months, enjoying the Christmas festivities in Barcelona is a great idea. You'll find Christmas holiday markets, lots of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, and of course plenty of delicious Catalan food to keep you warm!

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