Tripian – Off The Beaten Path City Travel Planning App And Promo Code

Tripian is an off the beaten path city travel planner that has absolutely blown my mind. I’m struggling not to use the word awesome, but… well Tripian IS awesome! Here’s why.

Tripian - Feel like a local with this new off the beaten path city travel planning app.

If you watched my YouTube video on ‘How travel has changed in 20 years’, you will remember me mentioning that the ‘killer’ travel app still doesn’t really exist. Clearly the universe works in mysterious ways. Only a few weeks later, it was brought to my attention that it does, and its name is Tripian.

What Is Tripian

Tripian is a newly launched travel app and platform, where you can plan your own off the beaten path itineraries in cities around the world. As I know one of the founders through a friend, I’ve been given early access to it. I’ve also managed to get a Tripian promo code for you guys. Use it, and you get free access for life! More details about that at the end of this article.

The Ultimate Travel App For The Discerning Traveller

When I was thinking about how to describe Tripian, a phrase came to mind – The ultimate travel app for the discerning traveller. This isn’t an app for someone who simply wants to tick off the ‘must see’ attractions of a city. Tripian is for people who want to get deeper. It is for people who like to get off the beaten path, visit hidden gems only the locals know about, and soak up a city's vibe.

Plan an off the beaten path adventure in cities around the world with Tripian.

Knowing Where To Go

Tripian have neatly solved the problem of knowing where to go in each city, by connecting with knowledgeable locals. The carefully selected contributors include artists, chefs, bloggers, musicians, and architects. They have added their suggestions of things you can experience in the form of ‘themes’. These themes fall under the categories of ‘Foodies, Art Lovers, Cultural Explorers, History Buffs, and Fashionistas’. Of course, people don't neatly fall into just one category. So they have made it possible to cherry pick the best aspects of each one, as I will explain shortly.

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The Clever Bit

Where Tripian gets really clever though, is how you can plan your itinerary. Each contributor has put forward their own itinerary based around a theme. You can download this onto your phone, and the map will work even if you are offline, so you don’t need data or WiFi. This is cool. Very cool. But it’s not the best bit.

The best bit, is that you can actually make your own itineraries and create your own walking tour based on the local collaborators knowledge. So, if you have access to all the themes on Tripian (which you do by using my promo code), you can mix and match items. Pull in 2 outstanding buildings, a selection of local street art, somewhere good to eat, and an art gallery, and Tripian will work out the best route for you. It will even take into account opening and closing times!

Plan you own off the beaten path walking tours with Tripian

Why I Love Tripian

You can always visit the heart of a city, but it’s tough getting close to the soul. Tripian allows you to do just that by recommending places that the locals love, but regular tourists would never know about. Its mapping ability means that you can create your own personalised walking tours, and being able to use the map ‘offline’ is a huge win. In short, Tripian is a game changing city travel planning app.

What Devices Is Tripian Available On?

Currently, Tripian is available via the website and as an Apple app. The Android version will be released in a few weeks' time. If you are an Android user, my advice is don’t wait for the app to be released. Sign up on the website platform today, using my promo code. This way you will have full, free access for when it does become available. And, you will have this free access for life!

Which Cities Does Tripian Cover

As I write this, Tripian currently has the cities of Paris and Toronto available. The next phase to be rolled out will see Barcelona, Istanbul, Montreal, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid added to the list. Research is also starting on a number of other cities, including self guided walking tours in Athens, and I hope to be involved with that in some capacity!

Tripian city travel planning app

Again, my advice is not to wait until a city you are interested in is released. Get yourself signed up for an account now with the promo code, and you will have complete access to all new cities that are released!

Sign Up For Tripian Here

Instructions: Users must register at first. Registration and use of one of the themes is free. Other themes and functions will require payment, but with my promo code, you get this for free.

Promo-code: davestravelpages

Expiry: Promo-code will expire on January 1st, 2018.

And remember – If you sign up using my promo code, you get access to ALL future cities added to the platform! Try Tripian out for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Tripian -Create your own off the beaten path city adventures with this travel app. read the full article for a promo code that allows you to use it for free!



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