Cycling from Sayulita to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico (Bikepacking Diaries)

Cycling out of Sayulita, I followed the coast along toward Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Bike Touring blog update from cycling Alaska to Argentina.

Leaving Sayulita

(Blog post written Jan 9th 2010)

It felt a shame to leave Sayulita, but I guess its always there for next time! The clouds had cleared overnight, and there was a bright blue sky in the morning as I set off.

There was a fair amount of climbing to do early on, which meant that I was soon soaking, although the positive side to it was, that when the downhill started, I didn't have to pedal for 5 kms.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerta Vallarta in Mexico

Approaching Puerto Vallarta, I could already tell I wasn't going to like it, from the billboards showing high rise hotels, and American chain stores.

It's by far the biggest city I have come across since leaving San Diego, and the American influence is huge. I negotiated my way through the city, leaving the main road to follow cobbled streets, until I eventually reached the Zona Romantica where the cheaper hotels are located.

However, if these are the cheap ones, I dread to think what the expensive ones are like! Anyhow, its only one night, and tomorrow I continue the journey southwards.

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    • Hi,
      I can’t really comment (other than it’s always a good idea to cycle!), as I haven’t been to the area for quite some time, and really only passed through more in a rush than anything else.
      If you decide to do some cycling there, let me know what it was like!


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