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Today would be my last day in Canada, as I got the ferry over to the United States. From here, the plan would be to cycle the Pacific Highway to Mexico.

Taking the ferry from Canada to the USA

Cycling From Canada to the USA

(Blog post written Sept 21 2009)

I got up nice and early, as it was a bit of a process to get my gear together from the various floors of the backpackers.

Down at the docks, I bought my ticket, and had my chance to practise my Swedish with a couple from Stockholm.

I can still manage the basics, but I have to say that I have forgotten rather a lot – perhaps I could do with another Swedish tutor again!

Customs for the Canada / USA border

Customs for the US was oddly on Canadian soil, and I'm pleased to say that I got another three month visa. Its a huge relief, and I could feel the weight lifting from me.

The ferry trip was nothing special, and I managed to breeze through the area where they normally try to confiscate fruit and vegetables from unsuspecting tourists.

On American soil

Stocking up at the supermarket, I met (and I have to get the facts right on this one) an English cyclist who lives in Toronto, and cycled from Calgary and will head towards San Diego.

James was a great guy, and is travelling ultra light compared to the huge load I cart around with me.

I was slightly envious, but he started mentioning problems he had just had with his rear wheel (guess what, a Mavic 700c again!), and he'd just had to buy a new one. So overall, I'm happy with the setup I have.

Cycling to Fairholm Campground

We started cycling together, but there was no way to keep up, so we eventually parted company after I'd briefly lent him my pump so he could sort a puncture out.

With the stress of entry into the USA lifted from me, it was a much more tranquil and enjoyable ride today. I camped the night at Fairholm campground, and started to look at my route onward.

Ornithological notes – I honestly thought that looking for birds would be the same as looking for bicycles. When you ride a bicycle you notice them everywhere, but this was not the case with birds. A few crows is all I've seen, so I will keep my eyes posted.

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