Cycling from Fairholm to Bogachiel on the Pacific Coast Highway

Today was my first full day of cycling in the USA since leaving Alaska, and then riding through Canada. This would also be the first section of the Pacific Coast Cycling Route.

Cycling from Fairholm, United States

(Blog post written: Sep 22 2009)

Another clear blue sky morning. I got underway early, and recently that’s become a bit of a trend. Will it continue???!?

The cycling today was easy. Really easy. In fact too easy.

It happens so rarely that there is no challenging sections on a ride, that I forgot how boring it can be! Yes, I know I shouldn't moan about easy days, especially considering some of the bad weather and hills I'd had leading up to this point.

The Town of Forks

I stopped off in the town of Forks to buy some bananas and use the free WiFi at the Visitor Information to update the website.

I’m still really amazed at the amount of visits I’m getting. Tell a friend, get them to tell their friends!!! Lets break over 100 k visits !!

A Forest trail near Forks, USA

By Kgrr – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

An act of Kindness

Random occurrence of the day – A guy pulled over in his car, we had a chat, he gave me ten dollars, he got back in the car and drove off again. Splendid!!

Random acts of kindness like this seem to happen just when they are needed when bike touring. As much as a spirit lifter as useful for buying the next lunch!

Stopped at the Bogachiel State Park Campground, where I tried to pull the old ‘I haven’t got any change’ routine in order to test out Washington state parks systems and procedures.

Seems they cash up every night because they came back that night with some change. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

Bogachiel Campground Information

If you're planning to spend the night (or longer!) at the Bogachiel State Park campground, here's some information that might prove useful:

  • The little campground has 36 clear and well-maintained, basic campsites which can accommodate tents and vehicles. There are restrooms with showers, as well as a dump station, and six of the sites have power and water.
  • Picnic and Day Use: The park includes three sheltered picnic tables in the upper day-use area. The lower day-use area features a kitchen shelter with electricity, lighting, a big grill, and three parking spots which are free on a first-come, first-served basis. A restroom is also available nearby.

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