DrinkSafe Travel Tap Review: Best Water Filter Bottle For Travel

Looking for a water bottle with filter for travel? The DrinkSafe Travel Tap could be the water filter you're after. Here's my review after using it for a month.

A look at the Drinksafe travel tap water filter for bike touring

Choosing A Water Filter For Travel

There's many different types of travel water filter on the market. After using various water purifying pumps and steripens, the type I settled for was a water bottle with filter.

Although perhaps not as long lasting as some of the other types of water filters suitable for travel, they have many great qualities that I was looking for. These are:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable

DrinkSafe Travel Tap

After narrowing down the type of water filter I was after, I eventually settled on the DrinkSafe Travel Tap. This brand has been going for some years now, and so firmly ticked the reliable box due to its existing track record.

It also had an advantage over many of its competitors when it came to a water bottle with filter for travel. Namely that it can remove bacteria, viruses and chemicals. Quite important when bike touring in remote parts of the world!

Using the Travel Tap Water Purification Bottle

The DrinkSafe Travel Tap is ridiculously easy to use. In fact, I took one along on my last bike tour in central Greece completely unsealed and untested. I literally wanted to see how easy it was to use out on the road! You can see the first time I used it in the video below.

Instructions for the Travel Tap

The instructions were very easy to follow for the Drink Safe systems.

Basically, you just unscrew the cap and remove the water filter from the bottle. Then, fill the bottle up to around 3/4 full. Screw the water filter back, and voila, you can now drink clean water through the mouth piece!

The instructions from the water bottle for travel with filter

Drinksafe systems travel tap pull top instructions shown above

What does the filtered water taste like?

The first couple of times I used the DrinkSafe Travel Tap water filter, there was a bit of an unnatural taste, but after that, everything tasted normal.

One of the unseen bonuses on a hot day in Greece (cycling in 30 degrees!), was that filling the water bottle from a natural source normally meant the water was cold to drink as well. Very much appreciated!

Dave using the Drinksafe travel tap water filter

Was the water safe to drink?

This is the most important question to ask, and also one of the most difficult to answer. Just because a water filter says that it filters viruses and bacteria, is it actually doing its job?

Well, in the spirit of honesty, I can only say I think so! I mean, I'm still alive after the month long bike tour when I used the water filtration bottle for travel, and I didn't get sick. That's the main thing after all!

Joking aside, the DrinkSafe water bottle with filter for travel has a long pedigree, with tonnes of positive reviews on Amazon just like mine. If there was a major issue with them we'd know by now.

Using the water bottle with filter for travel

Pros and Cons

I'm completely happy with my purchase, and think it offers great value for money. Not only did I use this water filter bottle for travel on the last bike tour, but I will also be taking it to Asia for my five months travel there. It will certainly get some use!

Here's a quick look at the pros and cons of the DrinkSafe Travel Tap water filter:


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Great track record over the years
  • Automatic cut off when filter can no longer be used


  • No indication of when filter will cut off (should be after approx 1600 litres is filtered)
  • Non-standard width means it doesn't fit in all bicycle water bottle cages.

What do other people think?

People who have left positive reviews on Amazon about this product love that it provides taint free water, and that it is built with amazing quality.

People who have left more negative reviews about the Drinksafe water bottle comment that to squeeze the bottle in order to transfer water into other bottles is frustrating.


The DrinkSafe Travel Tap is up there with my best bike touring kit purchases of the year, right next to my 3 Euro travel towel!

My one suggestion though, is that the bottle would be a lot better if it was just a little narrower. This would mean it would fit in bicycle water bottle cages easier making it even more perfect as a water filter for bike touring!

Benefits of using water bottles with a filter

Whether you get this product or not, using a water filter bottle for travel is a great idea. Here's why:

  • You save money – By filtering your own water, you save money every day that you would otherwise spend on buying water to drink.
  • You're always prepared – Even if you're caught out without access to clean water, you'll never go thirsty.
  • It cuts down on the amount of plastic bottles you'll use

Micro Purification Filter Bottle FAQ

If you're looking for a dependable filtration system that will give you drinkable water while cutting down on the amount of plastic bottles you use when you travel, these questions and answers might be useful for you:

How do you filter tap water when traveling?

In some countries, you don't want to drink direct from the tap, as the water tastes strange or is bad for you. Instead, use a travel filter water bottle to clean the water first.

How do you filter water abroad?

The Travel Tap by Drinksafe is very easy to use. You simply fill the bottle. and then use mouth suction to drink the water through the flip spout.

Do portable water filters remove viruses?

Portable and less expensive water filters, such as jugs and bottles, are generally ineffective in removing viruses from water because the filter would need a pore size of 0.01 micrometres to capture these hazardous particles.

Should I take a water filter to Mexico?

It's always a good idea to use a high-quality water filter in Mexico, just to be safe. It will mean you have good, clean water and also that you'll cut down on the amount of bottle water you use.

How can I use less bottled water when traveling?

Using a filter water bottle like the Drinksafe Travel Tap is not only great at making sure you have safe drinking water as you travel, but also means you will use bottled water less. This means you'll use a lot less plastic as you travel!

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Water bottle with filter for travel - DrinkSafe Travel Tap Review

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  1. You might want to check out the Vivoblu CORE family weater filter ( vivoblu.com). I got this Vivoblu filter after hearing about it from friends and this is my “go to” filter from now on. No more Lifestraw or Sawyer filters that break and clog so easily. This filter cleans anything from murky lake water to camping & RV water sources into perfectly clear and crisp to the taste drinking water.

  2. Hi Dave. Have just visited your website review of the Drink Safe Travel Tap and thinking this is my best option. Google has led me to this site (Advanced Travel Safe Water Bottle : (800ml) : Fill2Pure) – I’m not convinced is the same item!
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