Working on a farm in Pemberton part 2

This was my second day of working on a farm in Pemberton for a potato harvest. It was a nice couple of days spent off the bicycle during my bigger bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Back to the Farm

(Blog post written September 16 2009)

This was my second day of working on the farm in Pemberton. An early start today saw us cycling to the farm for 08.00.

First job was to collect six dolavs from a neighbours farm, and it felt a bit weird moving so fast after cycling for so long. Back to the farm, where I helped load a tractor with some timber for a barn renovation and new build.

Then it was into the fields on the back of the harvester again for another batch of potatoes. Today, there was no washing involved, as they were going to sit in the dolavs in the chiller until more trays were freed up.

These potatoes would be sold throughout the year at farmers markets.

Potato harvest in Pemberton, Canada

Lunch and PayDay

At two, with lunch included, my working day was over, and fantastically, I got paid as well. In fact, I got paid a lot more than I thought I would ! So thank you very much clan Helmer – Its been a wonderful experience tasting a sample of farming life in the valley, and I wish you well for the future.

Back at the house, I re-laundered my clothes again, and prepared my onward route. In the evening, Anna and I had T-bone steak with potatoes (that goes without saying).

Its been great getting to know Anna, and as an example of the commitment she puts into farming and cycling, take a look at . Order a 2010 calender from them online now!!

I've really enjoyed my stay here, and I feel I've learned a lot and made some new friends.

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