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Having good waterproof clothing on a bike tour is super important for those days you need to cycle in the rain. Here's a look at the waterproof clothes I'm taking on a bike tour of Iceland.

waterproof clothes for cycling in wet weather on a bike tour

Waterproof Clothes For Bike Touring

Nobody likes to cycle in the rain, but when you are on a long bicycle tour, the chances are you will have a few wet days to ride in sooner or later.

The worst weather I experienced so far was when cycling in Canada. There more than anywhere else I noticed that the quality of the waterproof equipment makes a massive difference to your comfort and morale.

Gore-tex or equivalent waterproofs are the way to go when bike touring. Yes, they can be expensive, but a good waterproof jacket for cycling is worth its weight in gold.

Over the years, I've refined my cycling waterproofs, but for my upcoming July/August 2023 bike tour in Iceland, I think they will be really put to the test!

By the way, I've bought all this kit for bike touring in the rain myself. They are brands that I trust to have quality gear, but trust me, if they let me down on this Iceland bike tour, I won't hesitate in letting you know!

Here's a look at what waterproof cycling clothes I'm taking for a 6 week cycling trip in Iceland. I'll also update this safe with a post-trip review:

Waterproof Jacket: Endura GV500 Waterproof Jacket

You can just make out the Endura waterproof jacket in this photo. Which reminds, a good bit of outdoor kit can have multiple uses. Why not wear a waterproof cycling jacket on a rainy day walking around Santorini in March!

endura gv500 waterproof cycling jacket

This jacket also has a hood designed to fit over a cycling helmet. I've tested it in reasonable rains when bikepacking here in Greece, but to be honest, nothing compared to what I might expect in Iceland.

The Endura GV500 jacket packs down very small, and is extremely light. It's made from a material called Exoshell 40.

I'll replace the photo and give a more detailed assessment of the jacket's performance after the bike tour.

Price: Can't seem to find receipt

Post trip Review: Watch this space!

Waterproof Trousers: Endura GV500 Waterproof Trouser

From the same product line as the jacket, I also bought the matching waterproof trousers. There's not really much to say – they have slightly zipped lower legs to get them over cycling shoes, they have a drawstring waist and are made from the same Exoshell 40 material.

Again, I've worn the Endura GV500 trousers a couple of times in the rain, but nothing too extreme. Hopefully they will stand the full on test on my cycling route around Iceland!

Price: Bought in November 2022 for 102.11 Euros.

Post trip Review: Watch this space!

Sealskinz Socks

I discovered Sealskinz socks a few years ago, and I am a total convert.

Their combination of Merino wool and other materials gives an element of breathability, but more important, your feet feel warm and dry after a wet cycle ride in the rain.

sealskinz waterproof socks

I'm actually taking two pairs of these sealskinz socks along on the Iceland cycling tour. Mainly because I happen to have two pairs, but also, why not?

One thing to keep in mind, is that the socks are quite thick. This means if you have very tight fitting cycling shoes, it might be a squeeze using these socks with your current shoes.

I'm quite fortunate in that I'm really a half-size (ideally I would be a 45.5 European footsize). This means I have a 46 Euro cycling shoe, and the Sealskinz socks fit me with the shoes just fine.

Price: Bought one pair in November 2022 for 33.33 Euros. Have another pair from years ago, don't know the price.

Post trip Review: Watch this space!

Sealskinz Beanie

While the waterproof cycling jacket I am taking with me has a hood, this Sealskinz beanie serves for warmth as well as waterproofing. 

By the way – I seem to look like the guy delivering milk tray in this photo – will get a better one I promise!

sealskinz waterproof cold weather beanie

You can read an older assessment here of the Sealskinz beanie.

Price: No idea, had it a few years now

Post trip Review: Watch this space!

Sealskinz All Weather WP Long Gloves

Like other Sealskinz products, the all weather waterproof gloves are designed to keep hands dry and warm in bad weather.

sealskinz waterproof gloves

Price: Can't remember

Post trip Review: Watch this space!

Sealskinz Waterproof Head Gaitor

Is this overkill? It's difficult to tell really. Iceland is known as having some of the most extreme weather in the world so perhaps this waterproof head gaitor will come in handy.

Also, I can think of few countries where this particular piece of outdoor clothing could have been designed for!

So, I'll pack this in with my other waterproof gear, but will also hope that the weather is never so bad that I have to wear it!

Price: Can't remember

Post trip Review: Watch this space!

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