Cycling from Huancayo to A small village in Peru

During this day of cycling in Peru, I would meet another cyclist on the road. This blog post covers cycling from Huancayo to a small village we never found out the name of!

Cycling out of Huancayo

Cycling up out of Huancayo, Peru

Blog post written August 30, 2010

Leaving Huancayo was pretty simple, although I had to ask for directions in a couple of places. There then began a 3 hour uphill ride.

The views cycling out of Huancayo in Peru


The road went uphill through a valley of farmland with nice views all around. Those views were earned the hard way though!

A tiny church in a small village past Huancayo in Peru


I cycled by friendly people and through small villages as I reached the top. There then came a great 31 km long downhill section, made all the better by a wonderfully smooth road and virtually zero traffic.

Cycling past Izca in Peru


The road followed a river flowing downstream, on the opposite side of which were some thermal pools.

Meeting another cyclist

When I reached the bottom at the town of  Izuchaca, I met another cyclist, who was having some quick repairs done on the side of the road.

Agusti from Barcelona cycling in Peru 2010


Agusti is from Barcelona,and is cycling from Lima to at least La Paz in Bolivia, and possibly further to Argentina.

I found myself in the unusual situation of my knowledge of another persons language being better than that of their knowledge of mine. It had to happen some time!

A small rail station in rural Peru, possibly used to transport ore from mines


The road from Izuchca turned into a dirt road, which it will continue to be for the next few days. Not that it mattered as we cycled up and down the valley, chatting as we went.

Cycling through valleys and over mountains in Peru


Stunning views, and good company made the afternoon fly by. Coming up to four, we neared a small village, and Agusti's chain snapped.

As luck would have it, this small village had three places to stay at, although actually getting a room proved to be a long task, only solved 2 hours later by a kid breaking into a locked hostal for us.

Sharing a room, at 7 soles each makes it the cheapest lodgings so far! I'm often asked how to cut costs on a bike tour. The answer is to cycle with other people!

Sharing a room with another cyclist

I’m not sure precisely how far we cycled today, although I believe I am at least 20 kms ahead of where I thought I would get today.

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