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While cycling in Ecuador, I took the occasional day off to rest me body. Not the most exciting blog post update is a result of that!

A look out onto the mountains of Ecuador

Rest Day in Gualaquiza

Blog post written June 28th 2010

A well earned day off even if I do say so myself ! Of course, a day off is never really a day with nothing to do.

The website needed updating, there were 91 emails in the inbox (admittedly, 50% of those were trying to sell me viagra, which I am not sure would lead to a more comfortable ride), the bike needed sorting out, laundry need to be done etc etc.

A quick thank you… In fact an ENORMOUS thank you to Joel from Illanois, and Paul “Cleavus” Doyle for your kind donations to the beer fund. Yes, I am having several on you guys!!

(And Paul – I hope all is going well today with the birth of your daughter… Leave a message in the guestbook when you can dude !!)

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