Cycling from Escuinapa to Acaponeta in Mexico – Bicycle Touring Diary

As I continued my cycling trip across Mexico as part of my Alaska to Argentina bike ride, I decided on a shorter 65km day between Escuinapa and Acaponeta.

Green landscapes in Mexico

(Blog post written Dec 18 2009 when cycling Alaska to Argentina)

A shorter day of some 65 kms cycling. The landscape here is noticeably greener than over in Baja, with many mango plantations. (Well, I think they were).

The cycling was fairly easy, although I encountered my first stone throwing incident of the trip.

I must say though, that this is not representative of my experience of the majority of Mexicans, who I find to be good humoured, helpful and patient – especially with my bad Spanish!

Cheap place to stay in Acaponeta

In Acaponeta, I checked into the Hotel Casa Blanca which is situated on the main square.

The main square of Acoponeta in Mexico. I stayed here whilst cycling across Mexico.

Still quite tired from the day before, as well as another 65 kms of cycling, I spent most of the afternoon laying down, re-hydrating and eating.

Although these hotels at about 7 pounds a night are not breaking the bank, I  can’t wait to get back on the coast, where I hope to camp a lot more. Cutting down the costs of a bike tour is always a good thing, especially as I have months of cycling ahead of me!

Note to self – I really need to find a way of cutting down the weight I am carrying. I’ll have to look into perhaps sending some stuff that I am unlikely to use for a while on ahead of me.


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2 thoughts on “Cycling from Escuinapa to Acaponeta in Mexico – Bicycle Touring Diary”

  1. Was just binge reading through your Mexico journey and it’s painful to see how much hotel prices are now! I can’t seem to find anywhere below about £15 a night

    • Hi Matt,

      I can only imagine what they would be like in the tourist areas now!
      I wonder if much has changed in the cheaper out of the way places though. If you’re making the trip I’d love to know what the prices are nowadays.


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