Cycling from Iskut to Kinaskan | Bike touring in Canada

My cycling journey along the Cassiar Highway in Canada continued as I cycled from Iskut to Kinaskan. Only 37kms, but not every day on a bike tour has to be huge!

Leaving Iskut

(Blog post written: Aug 27 2009)

For some reason, I hardly slept at all last night. Perhaps it was because the room was too warm, or that I'd ran out of brandy the night before. Whatever the reason, I was a bit sluggish in the morning, and despite my intentions to get an early start in, I started at 10 am, my usual time.

Back on the road, I stopped off at the Iskut general store to get some supplies in for the remainder of the Cassiar Highway, and also had one of those smokie things and a coffee.

It started raining when I left the store, and that, combined with heavy legs and general tiredness made me cut short the day at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park

A paltry 37 km's, but I really couldn't be bothered to do more. To make up for the patheticness of the day, I drew up a schedule of when I should reach Prince George … I may even stick to it as well.

The park attendant came over at about six doing her rounds. We had a bit of a chat, and then she said the night was free. Good to know I still haven't lost my charm – The ladies know what I'm saying, aye!

Cycling from Iskut to Kinaskan | Bike touring in Canada

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