The Easy Way To Get A Mykonos Airport Taxi

This guide to getting a Mykonos Airport Taxi to your hotel is going to make life nice and easy. Step off the plane, get a taxi from Mykonos Airport Arrivals quickly, and start enjoying your Greek holiday in the sun!

The easy way to get from Mykonos airport to your hotel

Mykonos Airport Transfer

Your flight just landed. You're off the plane, made it through immigration, and now you're in Mykonos Airport Arrivals.

Let the holiday begin!

Except you can't, because first you've got to get from Mykonos Airport to your hotel.

Where do you get a Mykonos airport bus from? Where does it drop you off?

And just where did all those people in the taxi queue come from?!

If only there was an easier way to get a Mykonos Airport taxi to your hotel!

Well, there is, and it doesn't cost you a penny extra

Pre-Book a Mykonos Airport Taxi 

But doesn't pre-booking a taxi from Mykonos airport cost more than one from the line?

Nope, not at all.

If you use the Welcome Mykonos Airport Transfer Service, you pay the same price as if you took one from the queue outside arrivals.

In fact, the price of taxis from Mykonos airport is a set one. So, you'll pay the same whether you pre-book or stand in line for a half hour waiting for the next free cab.

Advantages of a Pre-Booked Taxi from Mykonos Airport

So, the obvious advantage or pre-booking a Mykonos taxi from the airport to your hotel, is you don't need to wait around.

In fact, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

As soon as you come through into Airport Arrivals, they'll meet you and you'll be on your way.

No messing around in queues. No wondering where the bus is.

You can get straight on with your holiday.

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Mykonos Airport Taxis Explained - The easy way to pre-book Mykonos airport transfers to your hotel

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