Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town: All Ways To Travel

You can travel by bus, taxi and private transfer from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town. You can even walk if you are feeling fit enough!

best ways to get from mykonos airport to mykonos town

Mykonos Airport – Mykonos Town Transportation Options

The distance between Mykonos International Airport and Mykonos Town is less than 4 kms. This makes the journey to the center very quick, although in the peak season there will be additional waiting time and traffic.

For most people staying in Mykonos Town, the public bus will be the most useful means of transport. An airport taxi ride might be a better choice if traveling with a lot of luggage. A taxi is probably also better when staying just outside the center of Mykonos Chora.

If traveling in the high season, particularly the months of July and August, I strongly recommend that you pre-book a taxi in Mykonos to pick you up from the arrival terminal building. This time of year is very busy, so why not get your vacation in Mykonos off to the smoothest start possible?!

Thinking of driving in Mykonos, and want to rent a car to go to your Mykonos town hotel? Having a car in Mykonos is a great way to see the island, but make sure there is somewhere to park it at or near your hotel! I recommend Discover Cars for car rentals in Mykonos.

We stayed at the Pleiades Apartments in Ornos in Mykonos

Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town Taxis

There’s two options for taking a taxi. These are to wait in the queue at the airport, or prebook one to meet you.

Opting for a taxi presents a swift and hassle-free way to reach Mykonos Town, with an average travel time of about 10 minutes.

Taxi fares are competitively priced between €15 to €20, offering a balance between speed and cost.

This option is particularly appealing for travelers looking for direct routes to their accommodations without the wait times associated with public transportation.

Mykonos Airport Bus

The KTEL bus service stands out as the most cost-effective mode of transportation.

With bus tickets priced at a mere €2.50 for a one-way journey and an approximate travel duration of 15 minutes, the bus ride offers an efficient and budget-friendly alternative.

Tickets can be bought from the bus driver. In the past, they only accepted cash, although starting from the 2024 summer months, they should be obliged to accept cards on board.

Buses run on an hourly schedule from 9:15 AM to 10:15 PM, ensuring regular availability throughout the day.

The bus services conclude at the Fabrika Bus Terminal in Mykonos Town. This is a prime location that offers easy access to a wide range of accommodations and serves as a convenient jumping-off point for further exploration of the island. Take a look here for the Mykonos Airport bus route into the town.

You can check the KTEL Mykonos site here. Sometimes they put up the bus timetables, but not every year!

Walking from Mykonos Airport to Town

If the buses seem packed and the queues for taxis outside the main terminal building for taxi don’t seem to be going anywhere, walking is an option.

It’s going to take you about half an hour to walk from the airport into Mykonos Old Town. Don’t expect smooth pavements along the way!

Visiting the windmills of Mykonos on a walking tour

Accommodations in Mykonos: From Budget to Luxury

Mykonos caters to a wide spectrum of accommodation preferences. You can find reasoanbly economical hostels and apartments starting at €30-60 (in the off-season!) to opulent hotels and villas beginning at €200.

Tale a look at this Mykonos hotels map to check out prices. You can also see how far they would be from the airport. I’ve also this guide on where to stay in Mykonos.

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FAQs: Traveling from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town

Readers who want to travel from Mykonos Airport to the Old Town often ask questions like:

How much is a taxi from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town?

The fare for a taxi from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town typically ranges between €15 to €20. This cost is subject to variation based on factors such as the time of day, traffic conditions, and the specific location within Mykonos Town where you're headed.

How do I get from Mykonos Airport to the city?

There are several options for traveling from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town:

  • Taxi: Taxis provide a quick and convenient way to reach Mykonos Town, with a travel time of about 10 minutes.
  • Bus: The KTEL bus service is a budget-friendly option, operating hourly from 9:15 AM to 10:15 PM. The journey takes around 15 minutes, and tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver for €2.50.
  • Walking: If you're traveling light and up for a bit of exercise, walking to Mykonos Town takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Private Transfer: For those seeking comfort or traveling in groups, private transfers can be booked online, offering direct service to your destination in Mykonos Town.

Does Mykonos have Uber?

As of 2024, Uber and similar rideshare apps are not operational in Greece. Travelers in Mykonos can rely on taxis, private transfers, or public buses for their transportation needs.

Is there a bus from Mykonos Town to the airport?

Yes, there is a bus service provided by KTEL that operates from Mykonos Town to the airport. This service is convenient for those traveling back to the airport. Buses run on a regular schedule throughout the day. The journey is affordable, with tickets costing €2.50, and provides a reliable and cost-effective option for reaching the airport in time for your flight.

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