Pelion Peninsula Greece: Visit the Pelion region of Greece

The Pelion Peninsula of Greece is a hidden gem that few people outside of Greece know about. With great beaches, traditional villages, hiking trails, food, and even skiing, here's all you need to know and more about the Pelion peninsula, Greece.

What to see and do with 2 days in Pelion

The Pelion Peninsula

The Pelion region in Greece is an area I had been meaning to visit for a while. It is a year-round destination, with great beaches, forested hills suitable for hiking and mountain biking, and skiing in the winter.

(Yes, there is snow in Greece, and enough to ski with during the winter!).

I was invited to spend the weekend in the Pelion peninsula in the month of January by Spyrou Philoxenia. This was the tailend of the skiing season there, and would give a good taste of what there was to see and do in Pelion.

I fully intend to revisit during the summer months when I get a chance!

A sunset at Pelion during the winter

Where is Pelion?

If you are not sure where the Pelion is, the peninsula is located on the eastern side of mainland Greece, near the city of Volos.

The region takes its name from Mount Pelion, a large mountain covered with forests which dominates the landscape.

During our time there, we visited locations mainly in the north of the Peninsula. That leaves plenty to discover there for next time!

Pelion Peninsula Map

Here's a map of the Pelion peninsula so you can see where it is located. As you can tell, Pelion is almost halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki.

Pelion peninsula map - The region is located on the east coast of mainland Greece

Where To Stay In Pelion

One of the main attractions of the region, are the small villages which seem to be dotted around everywhere. There are at least 20 ‘significant' ones, and probably dozens more that I don't know about!

Many of these have hotels and guesthouses, and there is something to suit every budget.

I was kindly hosted at Aglaida Apartments in Tsagarada (Tsakarada alternative spelling). Their website isn't in English, but you can check here for the Tripadvisor reviews for Aglaida Apartments.

Aglaida Apartments in Pelion

How To Get To Pelion

In my opinion, you really need you own transport to get around. This means that taking your own vehicle to Pelion makes the most sense.Whilst there is a local bus service, I couldn't honestly say how useful it is in terms of using it for sightseeing.

For independent travellers, having your own car would be a huge advantage. Pelion is certainly a place you should include during a road trip on mainland Greece. You can find out about car rental in Greece here :

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If driving a car in Greece doesn't appeal, you might like to use a local tour operator who would offer sightseeing packages. Our transport was provided by Les Hirondelles, and they operate a local travel agency out of nearby Volos.

What To Do In Pelion

I've already touched upon Pelion being a year-round destination. This means that whatever time of year you visit, there is plenty to do!

During the summer, the beaches are very popular, especially during the key month of August.

The autumn and spring months are very well suited for outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking.

In the winter, the region turns into a popular ski destination. During our visit, we did a winter hike courtesy of Trekking Hellas. You can check out a short video I made of the trek below!

Pelion Walks

Apart from the outdoor activities, the main attractions of visiting Pelion are the villages. Each one seems to have something unique about it. In one, they might specialise in making jams, and in another there might be a hidden church.

If you would like to see what there is to see and do in the peninsula, my 2 day guide to Pelion may be useful.

All you need to know visiting the Pelion Peninsular in Greece

Have you visited Pelion in Greece, and if so , what did you think? I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!

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