2 Days in Pelion : Things To See And Do In Pelion

If you are looking to spend 2 days in Pelion, here is a list of things to see and do. From taking a scenic hike, to visiting small mountain villages, I've got you covered.

What to see and do with 2 days in Pelion

2 Days In Pelion

Pelion, located in central Greece, is a picturesque and historic destination that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and delicious local cuisine. If you're wondering “what to do in Pelion,” here are some suggestions:

First, explore the charming villages nestled among the mountains and forests. Next, take a hike through the lush Pelion National Park, where you'll discover breathtaking landscapes, hidden waterfalls, and ancient monasteries. 

For foodies, Pelion is a must-visit destination. Sample local specialties such as bougatsa (a sweet pastry), louza (smoked pork), and grilled octopus. You can also take part in cooking classes to learn how to prepare these delicious dishes yourself.

Finally, relax and unwind on the beautiful beaches, where you can swim, sunbathe, or try your hand at water sports such as windsurfing or kayaking. With so much to see and do, Pelion is truly a hidden gem that should be on every traveler's bucket list. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Pelion today!

My experiences in Pelion

Although it is a well-known region to Greeks, Pelion seems to fly under the radar of most visitors to Greece.
Perhaps it is because it is not on a well-trodden tourist trail? Maybe it lacks the pull of Meteora or Delphi?

It's a shame, because even after spending just 2 days in Pelion, you realise it has a lot to offer.

To be fair, it is probably best visited by independent travellers taking a road trip in Greece, or by people who have visited Greece before, but want to dig a bit deeper.

I was recently invited to spend 2 days in Pelion by Spyrou Philoxenia, and they took us around the area to see the highlights. If you are planning a trip to Pelion, be sure to include the following!

Outdoor Activities in Pelion

Pelion is an outdoor lovers dream. You can go orienteering, hiking, cycling, and even skiing in the winter. In fact in 2016, the region hosted its own ‘Escape Festival' focused on outdoor activities.

A similar event is planned for 2017, and you can check out their facebook page here – Escape festival Tsagarada. During my visit, we went on a winter hike. You can check out the video below.

More here on hiking in Pelion and Greece.

Church of Taxiarches in Milies

From the outside, the church is deliberately unassuming. The story is that it looks this way, as it prevented the ruling Ottomans from destroying it during the occupation. When you go inside though, the most amazing paintings and artwork reveal themselves.

On the walls of the church are many scenes from the bible and of local saints. In the entrance room, there are also paintings depicting scenes from hell, and a rather unusual painting of the zodiac.

This church was a real highlight, and something not to be missed if you intend to spend 2 days in Pelion. The village also has a small but interesting museum.

A Zodiac symbol from Pelion


The village of Vizitsa is a very pretty little place, and the buildings somehow made me think it was a scaled down version of Berat in Albania.

It looks an interesting place to walk around, and although I didn't have the time, there appeared to be a path leading through the village. What I did have time to see, was the Women's Agricultural Association ‘Esperides'.

Jams and preserves from Pelion

Women's co-operatives and agricultural associations have a history dating back many hundreds of years. In recent times, their importance has been raised due to the economic crisis that has weighed Greece down since 2008.

Make time to visit this place, have a look around, and buy some of the delicious locally produced jams and preserves! I highly recommend the ‘sweet sticky apple' if it is in season when you visit!


This is another village you should add to your ‘must see list' when spending 2 days in Pelion. It is nicknamed the Balcony of Mount Pelion, and on a clear day, it boasts incredible views.

Due to its height though, on misty days in the winter, you are literally walking through the clouds. I kind of preferred it this way. It had an eerie, mysterious feel to it!

Misty and eerie Makrinitsa

Tsipouradiko in Volos

The city of Volos is well known as a place to visit and enjoy a tsipouro or two. Or three. Or four. The idea is that you order a tsipouro, which is a very strong distilled liqueur, and you will be given the drink as well as an accompanying snack, or meze.

As you order more drinks, the meze get bigger and bigger. You will progress through simple dishes such as fava, and then move on to seafood dishes. If you can keep drinking long enough, you might even end up with a lobster at some point!

It goes without saying that you want to take things easy if you are not used to tsipouro! There are a number of places you can try in Volos, but my recommendation is Lepi – Tsipouro kai Mezes.

Good Food

On the subject of food, you really need to try some of the local cuisine when spending 2 days in Pelion. Every village has restaurants serving local and traditional Greek food, and the quality is excellent.

It is really hard to put a foot wrong, but I do have two recommendation for you.

The first is Taverna O Patis in the village of Zagora. It made a nice place to stop for lunch, and they had a fine line in meze!

The second place is Kritsa Gastronomy Hotel in Portaria, which served an excellent evening meal in very classy surroundings. You can read Tripadvisor reviews of this restaurant here.

2 days in Pelion: What to see and do in 2 days in Pelion, Greece

For more inspiration on what to do in Pelion, check out my video below.

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