Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 Review – Bought 2012 Still using 2024!

I bought the Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 back in 2012, and 11 years later in 2024 it's still going strong! Here's a look at the Sony Walkman and what replaced it.

Sony Walkman nwz e463

Sony Walkman NWZ-E463

It's not often that you can buy an electronic gadget that will last you years and years, but that's exactly what happened when I bought the Walkman Sony nwz-e463.

Back in 2012, I was getting ready to do a few months traveling, and decided I wanted a dedicated music player. My considerations were price, weight, battery life and storage – more or less in that order!

I ended up buying the sony nwz-e463. Little did I know that I would be using it 9 years later. It's survived sailing across the Mediterranean, cycling from Greece to England and various other travel adventures. It's a sturdy little thing!

Sony NWZ-E463 Walkman

Free license to use this photo of the Walkman NWZ E463 under conditions of : This photo was originally taken by Dave Briggs, and is freely available for you to use.

What replaced the Sony nwz e463?

As far as I am aware, Sony discontinued the E463 Walkman a couple of years ago. From what I can work out, it has been replaced with the NW-A55 and E390 Series Walkman. You can see what they offer here:

Here's my original review of the Sony Walkman nwz-e463:

Sony NWZ-E463 Walkman Review

Finding a good MP3 players is a little like finding the Holy Grail, but the Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 seems to tick all the boxes that need ticking.

Everyone’s requirements for an MP3 player are different, but for me, I need something with an excellent battery life, is light, relatively cheap and easy to use. The Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 is all those things and more.

Sony Walkman NWZ-E463
Sony Walkman NWZ-E463

Many people prefer Apple products, but I am totally against their closed environment, and find they have many limitations.

The Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 is super easy to use, with the ability to easily drag and drop songs from one device to another. As I use a Linux based computer, this is particularly important.

The best thing about the Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 though, is its superb battery life. In every review or spec, it mentions that it has a 50 hour battery life.

Now, normally, I take these things with a pinch of salt, but it genuinely is the case. In fact, I have had my Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 for two and a half months now, and have only charged it once.

During that time, I have listened to it for a total of ten hours, and had it switched off the rest of the time. Even now, the battery shows at half charge – simply amazing!

Sony Walkman NWZ E463 Player

Free license to use this photo of the Walkman NWZ E463 under conditions of : This photo was originally taken by Dave Briggs, and is freely available for you to use.

Final Thoughts on the Sony MP3 Player

The Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 has definitely been one of my best buys, and will be great for use on my sailing trip, and I hope it continues performing well enough to take on the next cycling expedition.

They can be picked up for around the £45.00 mark off Amazon, which I think presents the best value for money when it comes to an MP3 player suitable for taking away travelling, cycling with, or using down the gym.

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3 thoughts on “Sony Walkman NWZ-E463 Review – Bought 2012 Still using 2024!”

  1. Agreed that this is a special player.
    It’s excellent for listening to audiobooks since it has capacity to accommodate multiple books, and has the best history function I’ve seen in any mp3 player.
    (This capability was removed on the nwz-e483 and e493 series)
    These NWZ-E463 and E473 units are still available on eBay.

  2. I love my Walkman MP3 player and still have mine from about the same time , I love the ability to download music and or stations . I tell everyone to get one for when they exercise or just want to chill without bothering anyone .


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