Time off In Puno Peru – Uros Islands and more

This travel blog posts covers my time off in Puno, Pero to do some sightseeing. Part of my bicycle touring journey from Alaska to Argentina.

Uros floating islands on Lake Titicaca in Peru

Puno, Peru

Travel blog written September 23rd 2010.

After cycling quite some distance over the last days from Cusco to Puno, some days off were in order. Sometimes I wonder why I put in those big days, as I don't gain anything, as I just need more rest days to recover!

That said, part of the reason that I rushed, was that Heidi was due to meet back up with me in Puno, and she arrived the day after I did – yes, I can beat a bus!

Uros Floating Islands

The days off went quite uneventfully, with walks around the town, which whilst not pretty, does have its own charm. In an effort to contribute to the tourist machine, we did a half day visit to the Uros Islands.

Uros floating islands on Lake Titicaca in Peru
The Uros Islands are a peculiar oddity not found anywhere else. The islands are constructed from totora reeds, and are built using layers. When walking on the islands, there is a strange spongy feeling underfoot.
Uros Island raft

I have visited the Uros Islands before, but I wanted to come back to see if things had changed much. I would say they had, with things becoming even more commercialised, although the Islanders stances and speeches were much the same!

Uros Islands


Each island is home to between 1 and 3 families, whose main sources of income are fishing and tourism.

Uros floating reed islands


These three put on an impromptu song and dance routine… I don't think the Pussycat Dolls have anything to worry about!

And so from here in Puno, I leave tomorrow towards Copacabana in Bolivia, where I will take a couple of days before cycling to La Paz.

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