SunGod Sunglasses Review – Adventure Proof Sungods Sunglasses

Are there any such thing as adventure proof sunglasses? SunGod think so, and have even trademarked the term Adventureproof. Read on to see if they matched up to the hype in this SunGod Sunglasses Review.

SunGod Classics review - Adventureproof sunglasses

SunGod sunglasses review

Adventure travel gear has to be durable and hard-wearing. Well designed, and effective. So, when SunGod asked if I would like to review their ‘Adventureproof' sunglasses on this travel blog, I was interested to see what they had come up with.

Please note – Although the Sungods sunglasses were provided free of charge for this SunGod sunglasses review, all opinions are my own.

First Impressions of the Sungod glasses

Before I begin the Sungod review, I would just like to put in a good word about their customer service. The sunglasses at first appeared to have been lost in the Greek postal service.

SunGod offered to send another pair out immediately with no questions asked. In the end, the original sunglasses turned up, and I didn't have to order another pair, but I appreciated their gesture all the same.

SunGod sunglasses review

The SunGods Sunglasses were packaged in a neat looking white and blue box. Inside, were the glasses contained in a microfibre pouch, a small booklet, and a couple of stickers.

The first thing you notice as you take the glasses out, is the #adventureproof hashtag on the inside of the box. This is the marketing angle of these glasses, but the question is, does it live up to the hype?

SunGod Classics Review – The sunglasses

Now, I am not sure if I should write about if I like the design of the SunGod Classics or not. The reason is, that whether or you or I like the way a pair of sunglasses looks is very subjective.

I tend to opt for a more wrap-around style of sunglasses, because I think it suits my face better. It also stops sunlight ‘coming in at the sides' when cycling or hiking.

The SunGod sunglasses are in a more ‘classic' design though, which is currently more fashionable.

Wearing the SunGod Classics

SunGod Classics Review - Adventure Proof Sunglasses

Don't be frightened by the picture of me folks! Remember, it's the sunglasses you should be looking at!

OK, back to the SunGods sunglasses review. The glasses feel really comfortable when they are worn, and the frames are flexible, yet strong. Some sunglasses can be irritating when worn for a while, but these plastic framed glasses feel like they are not even there, even after 6 or more hour's on the beach!

After a while, I also got used to their design, and so I took them out for an hours cycling. Again, they were nice and comfortable to wear. They were also remarkably clear to look through, and at times, I even forgot that I was wearing them.

SunGod Review – Conclusion

At £45.00 a pair, I would say that the SunGod Classics are a good pair of pretty well priced quality glasses. For that, you get a well made pair of glasses, which are designed to look good, and survive the road when travelling.

Additionally, the glasses are covered by a lifetime guarantee, which will definitely appeal to some people. In my opinion, they represent great value for money.

Additional note – I tested these on a genuine adventure travel bike tour and used these sunglasses during my cycle tour from Greece to England, and after 3000 kms, I had no complaints at all! These sunnies were fantastic for all day comfort in sunny days and days with mixed skies.

If you are after a pair of sunglasses, and you are thinking to buy a pair after this SunGod Classics review, then please use this link >>  SunGod Classics The price remains the same for you, and I will earn a small commission which helps pay my web hosting fees.

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