Best Private Tours In Athens, Greece

If massive tour groups are not your thing, these Athens private tours are a great choice when visiting the capital of Greece. Here's the best private tours in Athens.

Temple in the ancient Agora Athens

Best Athens Tours

The city of Athens in Greece is steeped in history stretching back thousands of years. Ancient monuments and landmarks of Athens such as the Acropolis and Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and Agora still survive to this day, a reminder of the sophistication of the Ancient Greeks.

The best way to fully understand the sites and history of Athens, is by taking a tour. Big group tours aren't for everyone though, which is where a private tour in Athens comes in.

Private Tours of Athens

For visitors to Greece from North America and Northern Europe, Athens private tours can offer great value for money. Quite often for families, there is little difference in the price between a large group tour of 40 people, and an exclusive tour.

In addition, the benefits of having a guide all to yourself are greatly multiplied. Not only do you get a personal tour of Athens, with the freedom to ask whatever questions you like, but you'll also get a deeper insight into life in Athens.

An Athens private tour is ideal for families, groups of friends in the city for the day from a cruise ship, or anyone that doesn't really like the idea of trudging behind massive groups of people.

Athens Private Tours

I've pulled this list of the best private tours in Athens together from tour booking site Get Your Guide. This is the site I use myself when I travel, and I love it for it's ease of use and reliability.

Note: It's standard for entrance fees to archaeological sites not to be included in tours in Athens. Keep this in mind when considering booking a tour.

Below, I give a brief description of each private tour of Athens, and a link where you can find out more including current prices.

Athens: Private 4-Hour Tour with Acropolis and Old Town

This is the ‘classic' private tour of Athens, and is perfect for anyone with limited time in the city. Accompanied by a local guide, you'll discover the myths and legends of Athens whilst admiring the Parthenon, stroll through the streets of Monastiraki, enjoy Plaka and much more.

The Parthenon in the Acropolis, Greece. Would a virtual reality tour soon be possible here?

In my opinion, this private tour is ideal for anyone visiting Athens on a cruise ship, or families who would like a tour of the highlights at their own pace.

** Click here to find out more about Athens Private 4-Hour Tour with Acropolis and Old Town **

Athens Private Tours: Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

This is a pricey option, but unusually does also include the entrance fees for both the Acropolis and Museum. (Check details in the tour to make sure though!).

Inside the Acropolis Museum in Athens Greece

Ideal for singles or couples who would prefer a private guide to show them Athens, it also includes pickups in luxury vehicles. This tour covers the essentials such as the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum, as well as stops at the Zappion, Panathenaic stadium and other places of interest.

I've visited the Acropolis museum a number of times, but each time I am amazed at how relatively little is explained there. The benefits of a guide to show you around the museum can not be underestimated!

** Click her for details on Athens Private Tours: Acropolis and Acropolis Museum **

Athens: 3-Hour Gods, Myths & Legends w/ a Local

This is probably the best value for money private tour in Athens, and has great customer reviews. Rather than a tour to ancient sites, this is a walk through the streets of Athens with a local.

Changing of the Guard at Syntagma square in Athens

Along the way, you'll learn about Greek myths and legends, discover some neoclassical architecture in Athens, and also discover what life is like in contemporary Athens.

This tour is suitable for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the modern city, as well as those who love the telling of Greek myths. A great private tour to take once seeing the ‘highlights' of Athens are out of the way!

** Find out more about this 3-Hour Gods, Myths & Legends tour **

Athens Instagram Tour: The Most Scenic Spots

A private tour in Athens for the Insta generation! If you want a short cut to all the best Instagram spots in Athens, this tour is essential.

No matter how long you spend in Athens, you should see the Changing of the Guard

Led by a local, you'll explore areas and angles you'd probably never find yourself, learn about ancient and modern Greek history, and a lot more. This a great chance to ask questions such as the best places in Athens that local's eat, what life is like in Athens, all the while updating your Insta-Story on the fly.

** Click here to find out more about the private Athens Instagram Tour ** 

Athens: Favorite Food Tour – 10 Tastings w/ a Local

Greece has one of the most under-rated cuisines in the world (in my opinion!), and this private tour is a great opportunity to go and exercise your taste buds!

Athens market is a great place to see colourful and fresh fruit and veg

Dropping by local stores and markets, you'll get to try olives, local specialties, and drinks. This food tour in Athens is a good chance to ask any questions you might have about Greek cuisine with a friendly, helpful local!

** Click for more details on this private Athens food tour ** 

Day Trips from Athens

If you are planning on spending a few days in Athens, you might also be interested in these day trips

Athens Private Tours - Customizable tours of Athens by locals

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